replaced <code></code> with more concise {@code}
[idea/community.git] / platform / platform-impl / src / com / intellij / openapi / actionSystem / impl /
2017-07-13 Alexey Kudravtsevreplaced <code></code> with more concise {@code}
2017-07-12 Konstantin BulenkovIDEA-175235 Drop down menu from a toolbar button should...
2017-07-12 Konstantin Bulenkovintroduce information about UI context in AnActionEvent...
2017-07-05 Vassiliy.KudryashovDon't shift 'dropdown icon' location
2017-06-09 Vassiliy.KudryashovMake UI Inspector better
2017-05-14 Konstantin Bulenkovrecord toolbar clicks
2017-04-26 Alexey Kudravtsevmake icons a bit lazier to reduce class load time
2016-11-16 Egor.Ushakovfixed dropdown position on hidpi
2016-11-15 Denis FokinIDEA-163770 OS X: Actions can be invoked despite them...
2016-08-12 Anna.Kozlovaremove redundant this/super qualifiers
2016-06-01 Anna.Kozlovaanonymous -> lambda appcode/162.677 clion/162.678
2016-05-26 Daniil Ovchinnikov[ui] perform action instead of showing popup if canBePe...
2016-05-20 Gregory.Shragoinvalidate only buttons with text webstorm/162.343
2016-05-18 Anton TarasovIDEA-156235 apply changes from AndroidStudio (2)
2016-01-15 Renaud PaquayIDEA-111425 Accessibility For The Blind And Visually... appcode/144.3071 clion/144.3070
2015-05-28 Sergey Ignatovcleanup
2015-03-28 Sergey Simonchikrespect action button minimum size appcode/142.515 clion/142.516 phpstorm/142.514 phpstorm/142.517
2015-02-26 Gregory.Shragore-layout on text change
2015-02-26 Gregory.Shragoextract factory methods
2014-12-08 Konstantin Bulenkovspacing for action toolbar buttons
2014-04-11 Vassiliy KudryashovIDEA-123773 The "Show Whitespaces" broken
2014-04-04 Vassiliy KudryashovIDEA-103016 Tooltip/label for Toggle Fullscreen Button...
2013-08-14 Alexey Kudravtsevkeymap-dependent method AnAction.createTooltipText...
2013-03-28 Konstantin BulenkovDarcula w/o restart initial
2013-03-02 petera generic "action is not available while in dumb mode...
2012-08-30 Gregory.Shragofix data context for toolbar usage
2012-08-24 Maxim ShafirovRemoving a lot of Icon static fields, that refer to...
2012-05-30 Maxim ShafirovUnified access to icons.jar resources
2012-01-05 Dmitry Jemerovget DataContext from correct place when ActionButton...
2011-11-04 Konstantin BulenkovNavBar+Toolbar UI fixes
2011-10-24 Kirill Kalishevmacro recodring ui in status bar -- take 1, temporary...
2011-07-14 Konstantin Bulenkovprovide button position in action toolbar
2011-05-20 Kirill Kalishev[xena] tooltips shift and layout fix
2011-03-04 Gregory ShragoDBView: Move Import to Add and exception fix
2010-11-22 Konstantin Bulenkovuse constants
2010-08-26 Kirill Kalishevcallout tooltips
2010-07-28 annaaction button presentation on disabled toolbar should...
2010-04-27 Kirill Kalishevswitcher - auto selection + fixes
2010-04-23 Kirill Kalishevvisual switcher - navigation to minmized content
2009-10-29 Roman Chernyatchik[RUBY-5250] - "Rake Tasks" menu does not obey "Display...
2009-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovupdate copyrights; use project-level instead of module...
2009-09-23 Anton MakeevActionButton: ignore middle button clicks
2009-08-28 Dmitry Jemerovplatform-impl moves