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2017-07-13 Alexey Kudravtsevreplaced <code></code> with more concise {@code}
2017-06-28 Kirill KirichenkoIDEA-171869 Win10 LaF EditorTextField insets fixed... appcode/173.546
2017-05-11 Kirill KirichenkoIDEA-171869 Win10 LAF ComboBox and PasswordField completed
2017-04-27 Kirill KirichenkoIDEA-171869 Win10 LAF checkboxes in tables and buttons...
2016-10-10 Konstantin Bulenkovfix Darcula help button
2016-05-31 Konstantin Bulenkovwin10: remove bold from default buttons
2016-05-29 Konstantin Bulenkovfix isHelpButton
2016-05-28 Konstantin Bulenkovremove hardcoded AA setings for DarculaButtonUI
2016-05-28 Konstantin Bulenkovrefactor DarculaButtonUI to make it easy painting custo...
2016-05-04 Denis FokinIDEA-147388 Font spacing and boldness in Idea 15 on OSX
2015-10-12 Sergey MalenkovSettings dialog: update font of the default button...
2015-10-04 Konstantin Bulenkovdarcula buttons: paint mnemonic if and only if alt... appcode/144.79 clion/144.78
2015-09-29 Konstantin BulenkovDarcula Button: extract disabled text painting. Introdu...
2015-05-15 Konstantin Bulenkovrollback
2015-05-15 Alexander KassDBE: fix darcula button offsets
2015-01-05 Konstantin BulenkovDarcula & HiDPI: fix buttons painting
2014-12-17 Konstantin Bulenkovsometimes UIManager returns null values for Darcula...
2014-12-01 Konstantin BulenkovDarcula: support help buttons
2014-07-04 Sergey Simonchikpaint icon and border with the same offset to improve...
2014-02-28 VassiliyFix for JToggleButton (we had no specific UI for Darcul...
2013-11-29 Konstantin BulenkovIDEA-117296 Fixed buttons look bad under Darcula and...
2013-11-07 Konstantin BulenkovDarcula eats almost all EDT cpu time
2013-10-17 Konstantin Bulenkovleave bold on Win and Linux only
2013-10-17 Konstantin Bulenkovbigger buttons, bold text on default buttons
2013-10-08 Konstantin Bulenkovrefactor button and checkbox
2013-01-29 Vassiliy to disable all gradient...
2012-11-28 Konstantin Bulenkovnew borders and default button ui
2012-11-28 Konstantin Bulenkovnew button look
2012-10-22 Konstantin Bulenkovdarcula buttons on Windows rubymine/122.617
2012-09-18 Konstantin Bulenkovmove to darcula package + small fixes cidr/122.375 idea/122.373 pycharm/122.374 rubymine/122.372 storm/122.376