FileIndex.*source* javadoc should say that it accounts for both production and tests
[idea/community.git] / native /
2014-10-29 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-132030 (OS X file watcher recompiled)
2014-10-24 Vladimir.Orlovfixed mac launcher - show update dialog few times.
2014-10-24 Vladimir.Orlovcorrected text of message from mac launcher in case...
2014-10-24 Vladimir.Orlovupdated mac launcher to detect and solve problems under...
2014-10-17 Vladimir.Orlovroot folder of the jdk bundled archives are unified.
2014-10-10 Vladimir.OrlovIDEA-130361 Update path to vm options file in win launcher
2014-09-10 Vladimir.Orlovremoved WorkingDirectory form Info.plist.
2014-09-04 Anton MakeevWindows 64-bit launcher looks for bundled jre in both...
2014-07-28 Sergey Simonchikupdate runnerw.exe after WEB-12852
2014-07-28 Sergey SimonchikWEB-12852 Windows: IDE exits when stopping Node.js app
2014-07-17 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-126122 (reFS volumes recognized)
2014-07-17 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (file watcher project converted to VS13; genera...
2014-07-17 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (tabs/spaces; formatting)
2014-07-13 Maxim.Mossienkolook for JVM 1.8 first appcode/138.1116 cppide/138.1117 idea/138.1115 idea/138.1118 phpstorm/138.1111 rubymine/138.1114 webstorm/138.1112
2014-06-11 Vladimir OrlovOOM fixed appcode/138.569 cppide/138.566 idea/138.568 phpstorm/138.567 pycharm/138.570 rubymine/138.571
2014-06-11 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (correct types; imports)
2014-06-11 Roman ShevchenkoNPE in fsnotifier fixed
2014-06-11 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-95949
2014-06-09 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-81568 (ignore FS events from /private unless asked...
2014-05-19 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-125184 Mac launcher should not crash when IDEA_JDK...
2014-03-21 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-122344 (incorrect handling of paths around PATH_MA...
2014-03-20 Roman ShevchenkoPY-10377 (allow non-journaled local FS to be watched)
2014-03-12 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-117493 Native crash in Mac launcher
2014-03-11 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-118296 Impossible to "Prevent App Nap" for the...
2014-03-03 Sergey SimonchikWEB-11194 runnerw.exe not working on win XP
2014-02-25 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: system notifications reworked
2014-02-11 Sergey Simonchikupdate runnerw configuration files to Visual Studio 13
2014-02-03 Serge BaranovIDEA-117777 Change the way native splashscreen is shown...
2014-01-16 Maxim.MossienkoIDEA-119347 ../jre64 JDK not being picked up by idea64.exe
2013-12-26 Denis FokinIDEA-118708 libnotify is not avaliable in 32bit java...
2013-12-18 Denis FokinIDEA-118281 Enable SystemNotifications.systemNotify...
2013-12-02 Sergey Simonchik* stop stdin scanning thread if stdin is ended
2013-12-02 Sergey SimonchikWaitForMultipleObjects always returns WAIT_OBJECT_0...
2013-12-02 Sergey Simonchikdon't call default Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break handler functio...
2013-12-02 Maxim ShafirovRename "Java" -> "JVMOptions" so MacOS doesn't require... idea/134.195
2013-11-28 Maxim ShafirovRemove dynamic dependencies on JavaVM.framework. Otherw...
2013-11-12 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (extra spaces)
2013-10-28 Dmitry Jemerovhandle IDEA_PROPERTIES environment variable in Windows...
2013-10-15 Denis FokinIDEA-113995 Jump list: can't open recent projects that...
2013-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovuse correct company name in version info (IDEA-82623)
2013-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovallow watching exFAT (IDEA-114647)
2013-07-19 Dmitry Jemerovto make sure we find msvcr100.dll when loading jvm... rubymine/130.1298
2013-07-18 Dmitry Jemerovlonger default lengths of fields in version info appcode/130.1282 idea/130.1279 idea/130.1284 phpstorm/130.1281 phpstorm/130.1287 pycharm/130.1285 rubymine/130.1278 rubymine/130.1288 webstorm/130.1286
2013-07-18 Dmitry Jemerovrelink launcher with static runtime library (IDEA-104335)
2013-07-15 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: reported path corruption fixed
2013-06-17 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: meaningful exit codes
2013-06-17 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-109028 (fsnotifier to not panic on incorrect paths)
2013-06-05 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: relinked against older libc
2013-06-05 Roman ShevchenkoEA-46653 (abort on FSEvent stream creation failure)
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: process inotify events in batches
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: string operations optimized
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: optimization level increased
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: manual log level check
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: do not dramatize queue overflow events
2013-06-04 Roman Shevchenkofsnotifier: interrupted select() calls are now tolerated
2013-04-15 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-104784 (diagnostic) cidr/130.285 idea/130.286 pycharm/130.287 rubymine/130.284 storm/130.283
2013-04-15 Maxim Shafirov[r: andrey.zaytzev] IDEA-105363
2013-04-09 Dmitry Jemerovlook for adjacent dir relative to .exe dir, not current... pycharm/130.231
2013-03-27 Dmitry Jemerovx64 exe support
2013-03-27 Roman ShevchenkoWI-17338 (recognize FUSE block device mounts as watchable)
2013-03-20 Roman ShevchenkoFormatting
2013-03-08 Dmitry Jemerovfix code review notes by delaying creation of second... cidr/128.114 idea/128.113 phpstorm/128.112 rubymine/128.116 storm/128.111
2013-03-05 Roman ShevchenkoLinux file watcher: poll for missing roots
2013-02-21 Vladimir OrlovCopyright updated.
2013-02-20 Dmitry Jemerovcorrectly working icon replacement
2013-02-20 Dmitry JemerovRevert "kill WinLauncher's default icons"
2013-02-20 Dmitry Jemerovkill WinLauncher's default icons
2013-02-20 Dmitry Jemerovadd version info to Windows launcher
2013-02-20 Dmitry Jemerovcode review fixes (CR-IC-96)
2013-02-15 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: splash
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: more diagnostics for JVM creation...
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: support compiling 64-bit binary
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: support bootclasspath
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: fallback to <exename>.vmoptions if...
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: single instance and command line...
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: complete JRE search logic
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: command line arguments
2013-02-14 Dmitry JemerovWindows launcher: initial
2013-02-08 Roman ShevchenkoReport inotify instances limit error cidr/126.185 pycharm/126.187 rubymine/126.186 storm/126.183
2013-02-08 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-100680
2013-01-20 Roman ShevchenkoLinux fsnotifier output buffering fixed; cleanup cidr/124.591 idea/124.589 phpstorm/124.587 pycharm/124.588 rubymine/124.590 storm/124.586
2013-01-18 Dmitry Jemerovrunnerw rebuilt
2013-01-18 Anton MakeevPatches: out-of-process patches
2013-01-17 Roman ShevchenkoEA-42778 (escape line breaks in file names)
2013-01-14 Oleg SukhodolskyRUBY-12835: runnerw.cpp changed to be able to send...
2012-12-12 Roman ShevchenkoResolve only symlinks and junctions on Windows rubymine/124.235
2012-12-11 Roman ShevchenkoFix FileUtil.resolveSymLink() on regular files on Windows storm/124.226
2012-12-04 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup
2012-12-04 Maxim ShafirovRetrofitted for version 10.5 of MacOS X.
2012-11-28 Dmitry Jemerovopen-source the new Mac launcher
2012-11-15 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-94524 (tolerate short-living directories)
2012-11-13 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-94524 (discriminate mounts by FS type only)
2012-11-12 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-94524 (skip mount points under watch roots)
2012-11-06 Roman ShevchenkoEA-40374 (order output stream from Mac file watcher)
2012-10-08 Roman ShevchenkoIdeaWin32 tune-up
2012-10-02 Roman ShevchenkoLinux file watcher: parse mount table programmatically
2012-10-01 Roman ShevchenkoReport only relevant unwatched roots by Mac file watcher
2012-09-05 Roman ShevchenkoDo not monitor FUSE filesystems by Linux file watcher
2012-09-02 Roman ShevchenkoFix listing file attributes in IdeaWin32
2012-08-30 Roman ShevchenkoRevert "Fix listing file attributes in IdeaWin32" rubymine/122.257