cleanup: remove useless '@author nik' from javadoc comments
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2020-01-17 nikcleanup: remove useless '@author nik' from javadoc...
2018-08-07 Vladimir Krivosheevextract STORAGE_FILE_NAME
2018-06-18 Alexey Kudravtsevadded missing @Deprecated to find these places later
2018-05-22 nikjps build: cleanup
2017-09-19 nikexternal build: fixed reading 'ignored patterns' in...
2017-05-31 nikproject configuration: added support for unloaded modules
2017-05-30 Vladimir Krivosheevreduce dir.resolve for default config files
2017-05-26 Vladimir KrivosheevJPS loader — use Path instead of File appcode/172.2579 clion/172.2576 dbe/172.2575 idea/172.2578 phpstorm/172.2580 pycharm/172.2577 pycharm/172.2581 rubymine/172.2574 webstorm/172.2584
2017-04-27 Anna.Kozlovacleanup redundant type arguments
2013-03-12 nikjps: streamlined api for path variables
2013-03-11 nikmethod renamed
2013-03-08 nikjps: load path variables from config file
2013-03-08 nikjps model: added API to save global settings
2013-02-22 niklogging added phpstorm/126.346
2013-01-24 nikexternal build: process only files accepted by filters
2012-12-11 Roman Shevchenko(c) in JPS modules
2012-11-22 Eugene Zhuravlev[r=roman] if project opened via symlink, changes are...
2012-11-06 nikexternal artifact build: initial support for pre/post...
2012-09-04 nikignored files configuration moved to new jps model
2012-08-31 nikjps model serialization: moves and renames
2012-08-10 niknew project model: app server libraries supported
2012-08-10 nikexternal compiler: load global libraries and sdk from...
2012-08-08 niknew project model: improved serialization of module...
2012-08-03 niknew project model: saving to xml
2012-07-09 niknew project model: loading sdks