IDEA-251030 Icons are not shown in Database toolwindow popup menu
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2020-08-25 Nikita Eshkeev[i18n] idea-ui - remove nls annotations from overridden...
2020-08-21 Nikita Eshkeev[i18n] idea-ui
2020-08-13 Nikita Eshkeev[i18n] idea-ui
2020-07-06 Artem SemenovIDEA-243237 In the project structure settings on the...
2020-02-18 nik[i18n] move properties used in module...
2020-02-10 nik[java] rename JavaCoreBundle to JavaPsiBundle for consi...
2020-01-20 Dmitry.Krasilschikovlocalize `Project Settings` configurable
2018-10-04 Anna.Kozlovaremove redundant suppressions
2018-08-15 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup (NotNull)
2017-12-06 Alexey KudravtsevDate/Time in javadocs considered useless for readability
2017-11-01 Konstantin Bulenkovuse ExtendableTextField to merge browse button
2016-08-30 Vladimir KrivosheevSchemeManagerIprProvider — part 2
2016-05-18 Anna.Kozlovaanonym -> lambda
2016-05-07 Konstantin Bulenkovmodule idea-ui: dpi-aware insets
2016-02-02 nik'Problems' view in 'Project Structure': properly extrac...
2016-01-25 Sergey MalenkovRemove registry key:
2015-12-22 Dmitry AvdeevIDEA-149613 Language level in a new project is 6 by...
2015-09-08 peterallow any configurable to start dumb mode and cleanup... appcode/142.4700
2015-09-07 Dmitry Avdeevdetect change language level to default
2015-08-01 peteralways allow modal dumb mode in all open projects,...
2015-07-25 petermake DumbModePermission a top-level class, more readabl...
2015-07-23 peterallow background dumb mode after project sdk change...
2015-07-14 Vladimir Krivosheevextract isDirectoryBased
2015-02-16 Dmitry AvdeevisModified() corrected appcode/140.2509 clion/140.2508
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeevsyncing module language level
2015-02-12 Dmitry Avdeevchange language level to match sdk version
2015-02-12 Dmitry Avdeevcleanup
2015-02-03 Dmitry AvdeevIDEA-130669 Language level should match JDK version... phpstorm/140.2152
2015-01-18 Konstantin BulenkovHiDPI: wrap to JBUI.size
2014-07-29 Konstantin Bulenkovsuppress banner
2014-07-28 Konstantin Bulenkovoffsets for project configurables
2012-09-18 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup, @Override
2012-08-24 Maxim ShafirovRemoving a lot of Icon static fields, that refer to...
2012-05-30 Maxim ShafirovConfigurables no longer have icons.
2012-05-30 Maxim ShafirovUnified access to icons.jar resources
2012-02-27 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup
2011-11-15 nikproject structure errors: enabled by default
2011-10-27 nikIDEA-75929: Don't allow to save global/project library...
2011-10-07 nikproject structure: renderer for project structure eleme...
2011-10-06 nikproject structure daemon analyzer: improved rechecking...
2011-09-30 nikproject structure dialog: persisting ignored errors
2011-09-29 nikproject structure dialog: circular dependency checking... cidr/108.1456
2011-09-29 niknon-working code removed
2011-07-28 nikadded method to choose single file in FileChooser
2010-11-12 Alexey GopachenkoCRLF Dmitry Trofimov MUST DIE %E~
2010-11-11 Dmitry TrofimovMerge branch 'master' of
2010-11-09 nik'navigate' and 'fix' actions implemented for new projec...
2010-11-01 Alexey Pegovconfiguration errors: navigate action
2010-11-01 niknew error reporting in project structure dialog used...
2010-11-01 Alexey PegovEA-22870 - NPE: ProjectConfigurable$
2010-10-22 Alexey PegovIDEA-60235 Project Structure dialog / "General Settings...
2010-10-15 Alexey Pegovcheck if .idea/.name is writable + project name minor ui
2010-10-14 Alexey PegovIDEA-57435 Use specified project name instead of direct...
2010-07-06 Dmitry JemerovProjectJdksModel -> ProjectSdksModel in lang-impl
2010-05-13 annapath completion for output paths ( IDEA-54833 )
2009-10-29 Eugene Zhuravlevrevert changes back because of NPEs
2009-10-29 Eugene Zhuravlevdispose ModifiableRootModel
2009-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovupdate copyright
2009-10-01 Alexey Pegovabsolute paths for project by defaukt, module paths...
2009-08-31 Dmitry Jemerovidea-ui module extracted