IDEA-251030 Icons are not shown in Database toolwindow popup menu
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6 days ago Eugene Zhuravlevi18n inspection fixes
9 days ago Roman Shevchenko[ui] project model code i18n (IDEA-249730)
10 days ago Anna Kozlovai18n test fixes
12 days ago Michael GolubevIDEA-247683 - App servers i18n
2020-09-01 Nikita Eshkeev[openapi] IDEA-248714 - html link in Project Structure...
2020-08-21 Nikita Eshkeev[i18n] idea-ui
2020-08-20 Tagir Valeev[java] i18n
2020-08-13 Nikita Eshkeev[i18n] idea-ui
2020-08-11 Ilyas Selimov[java-i18n] compiler fixes
2020-08-10 Ilyas Selimov[java-i18n] compiler
2020-08-10 Tagir Valeev[i18n] Compilation finished message better i18n
2020-08-03 Tagir Valeev[i18n] Annotations, literals extracted, warnings fixed
2020-07-24 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-65441 use modal task
2020-07-23 Vladimir Krivosheevavoid unclear deadlock on project close — execute waiti...
2020-07-16 Tagir ValeevRemoved unused messages
2020-06-09 Nikolay Chashnikov[jps build] don't show "Clean up old output directories...
2020-03-19 Vladislav.Soroka[Build] Add integration tests for Build tw presentation...
2020-03-18 Vladislav.Soroka[Build] JPS to use Build tool window IDEA-206108
2020-02-28 Anna Kozlovai18n: eclipse compiler
2020-02-20 nik[java] move to java.compi...