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[idea/community.git] / java / compiler / impl / src / com / intellij / compiler / options / AnnotationProcessorsPanel.java
2019-05-27 Alexandr Suhinin[duplicates] enable duplicates analysis in PyCharm...
2019-05-17 Anton MakeevMerge branch 'master' into amakeev/gradle
2019-05-17 Anton MakeevIDEA-210281 Cleanup Gradle settings: separate Runner...
2019-05-13 Alexey Kudravtsevadd PECS wildcards to method signatures where necessary...
2018-10-09 Tagir ValeevBulk addAll/collection constructor used; other warnings...
2018-09-06 nikcleanup: remove 'public' modifier from constructors...
2018-08-29 Alexey Kudravtsevbounded wildcards in API
2018-08-14 Vladimir Krivosheevadd override
2018-08-06 Alexey Kudravtsevannotated AnActionEvent parameter @NotNull
2018-04-20 Sergey MalenkovIDEA-190693: Icons cleanup (duplicated)
2018-03-21 andrey zaytsevPopups: decouple from swing
2017-07-31 Konstantin BulenkovIdeBorderFactory.emptyBorder is deprecated to avoid...
2016-12-01 Alexey Kudravtsevextracted duplicate
2016-08-08 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-07-22 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-05-18 Anna.Kozlovaanonym -> lambda
2015-06-10 Eugene ZhuravlevIDEA-141247 Allow to remove multiple Annotation Profile...
2012-09-14 Evgenysplitter added
2012-09-06 nikcompiler configuration moved to new jps model
2012-08-24 Maxim ShafirovActually killing 'open' icons
2012-05-30 Maxim ShafirovUnified access to icons.jar resources
2012-05-30 Eugene Zhuravlev- annotation processors profiles
2012-05-24 Konstantin Bulenkovannotation processors management component