FileIndex.*source* javadoc should say that it accounts for both production and tests
[idea/community.git] / community-resources /
2014-10-30 Sergey Simonchik*sync "filetype/@name" with a corresponding real FileTy... idea/140.370
2014-10-30 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-129108 (wizard step added)
2014-10-20 Konstantin Bulenkovfix progress color
2014-10-20 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate artworks
2014-09-28 Konstantin Bulenkovartwork update for Preview
2014-08-12 Alexander LobasCPP-560 New Welcome Screen for CLion: move ultimate...
2014-07-21 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate about graphics
2014-05-12 Konstantin Bulenkovremove copyright from intellij splash and about dialogs rubymine/138.155
2014-04-25 VassiliyStart plugins wizard #20 icons for categories
2014-04-09 Konstantin Bulenkovso long, and thanks for all the fish
2014-04-07 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate artworks
2014-03-27 VassiliyStartupWizard2: icons phpstorm/136.1363
2014-03-13 Maxim.Mossienkotrunk is IntelliJ Idea 14.0
2014-03-11 Konstantin Bulenkovartwork update for 13.1
2014-03-10 peteradd -> keyword to cpp and make sure it's lexed correctl...
2014-03-06 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate appinfo files
2014-03-05 Konstantin BulenkovIntelliJ Idea 13.1 artworks
2014-02-07 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate AppInfo for EAP
2014-02-07 Konstantin Bulenkovnew community about screen for EAP
2014-02-07 Konstantin Bulenkovnew community logo for EAP
2014-01-21 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate copyright in artworks
2013-12-06 Maxim.Mossienko13.1
2013-11-27 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate artwork for version 13
2013-11-09 Konstantin Bulenkovremove big JI sign appcode/132.1007 cppide/132.1009 idea/132.1014 phpstorm/132.1013 phpstorm/132.1015 pycharm/132.1008 rubymine/132.1012 webstorm/132.1011
2013-11-04 Konstantin Bulenkovcommunity splash + about
2013-10-02 Vassiliy KudryashovIDEA-113938 "Submit feedback" should pre-fill project... rubymine/132.498
2013-09-23 Vassiliy KudryashovIDEA-113938 "Submit feedback" should pre-fill project...
2013-08-28 Roman Shevchenkoapp: install-over range extended for next EAPs
2013-05-21 Konstantin Bulenkovfix black font on splashes and about dialogs
2013-05-15 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate splashes storm/130.555
2013-04-22 Maxim.MossienkoIdea 13 to install over 130.XXX builds
2013-04-22 Maxim.Mossienkoadvanced major version
2013-03-05 Dmitry Jemerovless confusing file type names
2013-02-28 Kirill SafonovWEB-6865 JS icons of perl files (part 2)
2013-02-20 Dmitry Jemerovlauncher icon injection work in progress
2013-02-12 Maxim.Mossienko12.1 EAP
2013-01-30 Dmitry -> .net; remove useless plugin DTD declarations...
2013-01-28 Dmitry JemerovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-01-28 Konstantin Bulenkov128x128 icons support for XWindow
2013-01-28 Dmitry Jemerovshow third-party licenses link in about box (IDEA-92269)
2013-01-18 Dmitry JemerovTest framework dependencies fixed so that platform...
2013-01-15 Dmitry Jemerovallow customizing the URL where statistics are submitte...
2013-01-14 Maxim.Mossienko12.1 EAP splashes
2012-12-26 Maxim.Mossienkogoose (on splash) comes back cidr/124.365 cidr/124.371 idea/124.368 pycharm/124.369 rubymine/124.370 storm/124.366 storm/124.367
2012-12-26 Konstantin BulenkovIDEA-98204 Trunk: Progress bar and new splash are incon...
2012-12-20 Maxim.MossienkoApocalypse build splashes for next EAP rubymine/124.314
2012-12-03 Konstantin Bulenkovfix hardcoded foreground
2012-11-30 Maxim.Mossienko[r=Dmitry.Jemerov] IJ12 license
2012-11-30 Konstantin Bulenkovupdate logos
2012-11-29 Anton MakeevPlatform: WelcomeScreen and background images in Applic...
2012-11-28 Maxim.Mossienkonew splashes, goose is on vacation right now
2012-11-21 Maxim.Mossienkodo not map php to dumb custom file type [r=Peter.Gromov]
2012-11-07 Maxim.Mossienkonew splashes for IJ 12 preview idea/122.746
2012-11-02 Maxim.Mossienkocorrupted Erlang filetype (IDEA-94028)
2012-10-08 Maxim.Mossienkomore compact serialization for keywords + php / sql...
2012-09-03 Maxim Shafirovicon-robots.txt instructs *Icons class builder with...
2012-08-03 Dmitry Jemerovupdate channels in ApplicationInfo.xml don't need to...
2012-08-02 Roman ShevchenkoFix update channels
2012-07-17 Konstantin Bulenkovsplash improvements cidr/120.151
2012-07-12 Anton MakeevIDEA: retina artworks
2012-06-27 Dmitry JemerovLeda
2012-06-25 Dmitry JemerovLeda
2012-06-25 Evgeny Pasynkovmerge with master
2012-06-21 Maxim.MossienkoWI-11694 Include Haskell custom type in distribution
2012-06-09 Maxim Shafirovrefactoring missed reference
2012-05-31 Maxim ShafirovReference AllIcons' fields from xml, rather than resour...
2012-04-23 Vassiliy KudryashovPNG resources repack
2012-04-16 Maxim.Mossienko11.1.2
2012-03-14 Maxim.MossienkoWI-10268 htmlspecialchars_decode is not highlighted...
2012-02-15 Roman ShevchenkoSemi-transparent splash progress
2012-02-07 Dmitry Jemerovseparate update channel for this EAP idea/114.42
2012-02-07 Dmitry JemerovIDEA 11.1
2012-01-10 unknown2012
2011-12-02 Roman ShevchenkoNew project wizard icons cropped
2011-12-01 Dmitry Jemerovcouple more dolphins, colors updated
2011-12-01 Dmitry Jemerovsome nice little dolphins from our art department
2011-11-24 Konstantin Bulenkovcommunity progress on splash
2011-11-15 Maxim.Mossienkobeta artwork
2011-09-26 Roman ShevchenkoIcon layout in New Project dialog fixed pycharm/108.1400
2011-09-21 Dmitry Jemerovmove .ttf file to correct place so that it will be...
2011-09-05 Dmitry Jemerovartwork for IDEA 11 EAP
2011-07-26 Roman ShevchenkoConfigurable script names for Create Launcher action...
2011-07-25 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup
2011-07-22 Konstantin Bulenkovprogress on splash
2011-07-20 Dmitry Avdeevprogress on splash
2011-07-12 Roman ShevchenkoUE/CE system selectors (wtf?) brought in accordance cidr/108.671 idea/108.675 pycharm/108.673 rubymine/108.674
2011-06-01 Kirill Kalishevbundled Inconsolata font
2011-04-28 Maxim.Mossienkomark Trunk as Idea 11
2011-01-14 Dmitry Jemerov2011
2011-01-12 Dmitry Jemerov10.0.2
2010-12-10 Dmitry Jemerovupdate keymap URL (IDEA-62851)
2010-12-01 Alexey Pegovartwork fix
2010-11-30 Alexey Pegovartwork update
2010-11-16 Dmitry Jemerovartwork for IDEA X preview
2010-07-22 Maxim.Mossienkoprepared IDEA X eap logo
2010-04-19 Dmitry Jemerovcorrect fix to allow running tests without classpath... pycharm/96.103
2010-03-29 Maxim ShafirovNew update channels for trunk (ver 10).
2010-02-09 Dmitry JemerovEAP for 9.0.2 CE
2010-02-03 Alexey PegovCE executable icons
2010-01-15 Dmitry Jemerov9.0.1 93.90