remove @deprecated for now to greenify clients (to be deprecated as 2017.1 EAP starts...
[idea/community.git] / community-main.iml
2016-02-12 Aleksey Pivovarovadd terminal plugin to community-main.iml
2016-01-22 Michael GolubevIDEA-CR-7907: move java-specific Git cloud's detection... idea/144.3259
2016-01-21 Alexander Doroshkofix scope of community-main on coverage module dependency
2016-01-12 Valentin FondaratovInclude YAML in Idea Community Edition
2015-10-23 nikadded missing modules from community project to 'commun...
2015-10-16 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 1.4
2015-10-16 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 1.4
2015-09-23 Vladimir Krivosheevmake SchemeProcessor abstract class — there is the...
2015-07-13 Dmitry Jemerovadd Android plugin to default classpath of IntelliJ...
2015-06-26 Dmitry Batrakallow to run tests from platform-tests module using...
2015-05-26 niktransition to Java 8: some test modules configured...
2015-02-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: init new diff API
2014-10-06 Roman Shevchenkoproject: broken dependency dropped
2014-10-06 Roman Shevchenkojava-decompiler: modules reorganized
2014-09-03 Mikhail GolubevMerge branch 'master' into mikhail.golubev/json-preview
2014-08-22 Anna Kozlovaenable type migration tests in community
2014-07-15 Mikhail GolubevAdd json and json-tests modules to community-main depen...
2014-07-04 Anna Kozlovamissed dependency
2014-07-04 Anna Kozlovainclude structural search tests into community
2014-07-03 Anna Kozlovastructural search: split into java and common parts...
2014-06-20 Roman Shevchenkojava: .class file decompiler plugin integrated
2014-02-27 niktest from jps modules extracted to separate modules...
2014-02-17 Mikhail GolubevIDEA-120595 Restore compatibility with JIRA < 4.2....
2013-08-17 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: common manifest support extracted
2013-08-05 nikrun tests from 'java-tests' in 'Community Tests' builds
2013-08-05 Dmitry Avdeevintelli-lang tests
2013-07-29 Mikhail Golubevnew jira connector
2013-07-05 nikclouds (remote servers) api: initial
2013-06-04 Kirill LikhodedovRevert a hack for hackathon
2013-05-23 Andrey BreslavExclude IDEA's system directory
2013-05-13 Roman ShevchenkoSVN tests disabled till saviour come
2013-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovremove dependency on module that no longer exists
2013-03-15 annajavafx jps packaging
2013-02-13 Anna Kozlovajavafx: relayout to support css in ultimate only
2012-11-22 Alexey GopachenkoIC project should include colorSchemes module :)
2012-09-20 nikenable tests from jps plugins on TeamCity
2012-08-06 Dmitry Avdeevdom-tests moved to community
2012-06-01 Dmitry Avdeevmoving xml-tests to community
2012-05-14 Denis.ZhdanovIDEA-19061 Integrate the Rearranger-plugin into core...
2012-03-28 Eugene Zhuravlevget rid of PseudoClassLoader; InstrumentationClassFinde...
2012-03-11 Roman ShevchenkoAdd correct SVN dependencies to community-main
2012-03-07 Roman ShevchenkoDrop old SVN modules from project dependencies
2011-11-21 irengrigcommunity-main.xml to contain svn4ideaOld.iml and svn4i...
2011-09-01 Denis.ZhdanovIDEA-53476 Gradle integration (Maven's level - dependen... idea/108.1142 storm/108.1141
2011-06-16 Sascha Weinreuterxslt debugger plugin layout fixed (IDEA-71024)
2011-05-24 Sascha Weinreuterxslt debugger initial commit
2010-12-16 Roman ShevchenkoCE main module dependencies fixed
2010-10-20 Dmitry Jemerovadd xpath to community-main dependency
2010-10-18 Roman ShevchenkoFix CE project dependencies
2010-04-08 Kirill Kalishevadded dependencies on intelliLang for CE runner module
2009-09-28 Dmitry Jemerovcontent root for community-main module
2009-09-28 unknownadd plugins to dependencies of community-mail
2009-09-10 Dmitry Jemerovjava-tests module introduced
2009-09-02 Dmitry Jemerovcommunity edition branding
2009-09-01 Dmitry Jemerovmain module and run configuration