[Workspace Model] Fix incorrect gaps calculation in entities family
[idea/community.git] / build / update.sh
2019-11-08 Alexander ZolotovAdd ability to build non-bundled plugins while updating...
2019-10-15 Alexander ZolotovBuild scripts: unify directories while building IDE...
2019-08-07 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-51141 update community
2019-01-18 Artem Bochkarevfix update.sh (copy *.so files into bin)
2018-10-03 Roman Shevchenko[project] common memory requirements in update scripts
2018-10-03 Roman Shevchenko[project] drops non-existing parameter from update...
2018-10-03 Roman Shevchenko[project] corrects messages and comments in update...
2017-12-21 nikbuild scripts: clean up update.sh
2016-10-28 Roman Shevchenko[project] no more .jnilib files in CE/bin/mac
2016-10-28 Roman Shevchenko[project] no more .so libs in CE/bin/linux
2016-09-24 Roman Shevchenko[platform] better restarter for Linux (IDEA-161186)
2016-09-24 Roman Shevchenko[project] minor fixes in update scripts
2016-06-28 nikupdate from sources: added quotes to avoid problems... appcode/163.672
2016-06-28 nikupdate from sources: use java from JAVA_HOME to run...
2016-05-13 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (minor glitches in update.sh scripts)
2015-11-03 nikdownload_kotlin scripts rewritten: do nothing if compat...
2015-02-19 Roman Shevchenkoproject: update.sh adaptive for OS X app layout
2013-12-10 Roman Shevchenkoproject: update script fixed to allow path with spaces
2013-05-08 Roman ShevchenkoDon't corrupt IDEA installation if update task has...
2013-04-12 Roman ShevchenkoUpdate scripts updated
2013-01-18 Anton MakeevPatches: out-of-process patches
2012-11-12 Roman ShevchenkoUpdate scripts should copy bin files pycharm/122.789
2012-07-24 Roman ShevchenkoFix update scripts for Macs
2012-07-23 Roman ShevchenkoUpdate IDEA CE using bundled Ant
2012-01-03 Yann Cebrontypo
2011-10-11 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (code with no effect)
2011-05-18 Roman ShevchenkoQuotes fixed in update.sh
2010-01-29 Kirill Kalishevupdate CE build from sources
2010-01-29 Kirill Kalishevupdate CE build from sources