[Workspace Model] Fix incorrect gaps calculation in entities family
[idea/community.git] / build / lib /
2020-07-01 Ivan MigalevMake LauncherGenerator to be able to shrink sections
2019-10-09 Ivan MigalevUpdate launcher-generator.jar (IDEA-224371)
2019-08-15 nikbuild scripts: take bootstrap version of JPS modules...
2019-04-16 nikbuild scripts: publish modules which required to build...
2019-01-08 Eugene ZhuravlevStandalone JPS update: optimizations from optimizedFile...
2018-12-26 Vladislav RassokhinUse real System.out under modern Ant versions (IDEA... appcode/191.3338 clion/191.3337 dbe/191.3332 idea/191.3333 pycharm/191.3334 pycharm/191.3335 rubymine/191.3329 rubymine/191.3339 webstorm/191.3340
2018-11-29 Roman Shevchenko[java] drops obsolete ASM 6 compatibility hacks
2018-10-29 Roman Shevchenko[platform] improves Compressor API clion/191.945 rubymine/191.944
2018-10-12 Vladimir Krivosheevupdate protobuf to 3.5.1
2018-10-08 Roman Shevchenko[project] standalone JPS update
2018-10-02 Roman Shevchenko[project] standalone JPS update rubymine/183.3328
2018-09-21 nikbuild scripts: bootstrap JPS distribution updated
2018-03-16 Eugene Zhuravlevstandalone jps update to latest fixes
2018-01-04 Sergey Ignatovadd testFramework.core.jar
2017-12-27 Dmitry AvdeevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-as-3.0'
2017-12-25 nikIDEA project configuration: convert 'commons-cli' to...
2017-12-21 nikIDEA project configuration: convert gant-groovy to...
2017-11-24 Dmitry Avdeevprotobuf version advanced to 3.0.0
2017-11-01 Eugene Zhuravlevstandalon jps update appcode/181.720 clion/181.718
2017-09-27 nikbuild scripts: bootstrap JPS distribution updated (2)
2017-09-27 nikbuild scripts: bootstrap JPS distribution updated
2017-09-13 Gregory.Shragocommons-imaging: update launcher-generator.jar
2017-09-06 Vladimir.OrlovUse correct length in exe resource string tables ... webstorm/173.2131
2017-09-04 Vladimir.OrlovRevert: Update launcher generator jar the change done...
2017-09-04 Vladimir.OrlovUpdate launcher generator jar
2017-08-21 Roman Shevchenko[build] optional //names@fullname attribute (IDEA-CR...
2017-08-01 nikbuild scripts: standalone JPS distribution updated
2017-03-03 nikbuild scripts cleanup: removed files which aren't used...
2016-11-30 nikfixed building *.exe launchers when *ApplicationInfo...
2016-08-02 Vladimir.Orlovfixed issue related with spaces in folder names in...
2016-07-27 Vladimir KrivosheevLauncherGenerator — do not use Guava
2016-07-27 Vladimir KrivosheevLauncherGenerator — do not use Guava
2016-06-02 Sergey Ignatovuse Windows file separator in SetOutPath in idea_win.nsh
2016-05-31 Sergey Ignatovuse FIle.separator in NsiFiles, fix idea_win.nsh on...
2016-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevremoved jsr166e, JPS rebuilt to remove mentions of...
2015-11-11 nikJPS updated (rebuilt from 'master' sources): fixed...
2015-03-11 nikJPS updated to fix IDEA-136966
2015-02-09 Daniil OvchinnikovIDEA-135641 fixed & bundled Groovy update & Gant update
2015-01-29 Vladimir.OrlovIDEA-135774 Refactoring launchers.
2014-12-12 nikjps jars updated: support for incremental builds, compi...
2014-12-05 Dmitry Jemerovreport time spent cleaning the output
2014-07-16 Roman Shevchenkoproject: build/update scripts tuned to support home...
2014-07-08 nikjps updated: collect per-builder compilation time stati...
2014-05-29 nikstandalone jps updated: load path variables specified...
2014-02-05 Vladimir OrlovIDEA-117841 Make launcher reflect the true product
2013-12-25 Max Medvedevgroovy 2.2.1 once again pycharm/134.452
2013-12-21 Max Medvedevrevert groovy 2.2.1
2013-12-21 Max Medvedevupdate gant according to groovy version
2013-12-21 Max Medvedevgroovy 2.2.1
2013-09-18 Dmitry Jemerovmove NsiFiles helper task to community
2013-09-11 nikJPS bootstrap build libs updated
2013-07-30 nikfixed starting build scripts from IDEA
2013-07-26 nikbuild scripts migrated to new JPS
2013-04-15 Dmitry Jemerovfix string table updating in launcher generator pycharm/130.281
2013-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovstrip off BITMAPFILEHEADER when storing bitmap in resources
2013-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovremove classpath from manifest
2013-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovallow passing full path of app info file to generator
2013-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovfix error diagnostics
2013-03-28 Dmitry Jemerovinclude new Windows launcher in community dist
2013-01-21 Max Medvedevupdate groovy to 2.0.6
2012-08-28 nikjps updated to fix problem with duplicate classpath...
2012-08-16 nikbuild scripts refactored to prepare for migration to...
2012-08-07 Roman ShevchenkoFail jar task on duplicates by default idea/122.11
2012-02-17 nikJPS updated (exclude from compile fixed)
2012-02-09 nikjps updated to fix 'failed to delete directory' errors
2011-10-14 nikjps updated (start groovy compiler in separated process)
2011-10-07 niklink to JPS repository corrected
2011-07-29 Maxim ShafirovChanges in forms generator roundtrip via JPS project
2011-07-06 Maxim ShafirovAsmCodeGenerator -> javac2.jar -> jps.jar roundtrip idea/108.624
2011-06-20 Maxim Shafirovjavac2 changes roundtrip via JPS build.
2011-06-20 nikjps updated
2011-06-18 kirill.safonovtemporarily revert JPS due to issues with forms instrum... cidr/108.494 idea/108.490 pycharm/108.493 rubymine/108.492
2011-06-17 Kirill.Safonovupdate JPS idea/108.481
2011-06-15 Maxim Shafirovrolling back, have some issues
2011-06-15 Maxim ShafirovGetting rid of using a classloader in forms instrumente...
2011-03-30 nikjps updated idea/106.324
2011-03-24 nikjps updated for fix problems with nested forms under...
2011-02-25 peterRevert "fix compilation?"
2011-02-25 peterfix compilation?
2011-02-09 nikimproved collecting used modules in layout cidr/104.158
2011-01-31 nikjps updated to fix PyCharm tests - 2
2011-01-31 nikjps updated to fix PyCharm tests
2011-01-31 nikjps updated
2010-09-17 Eugene Zhuravlevupgrade gant's ant to version 1.8.1 pycharm/96.1203
2010-08-09 nikjps updated: fixed bugs in not-null instrumentation
2010-07-27 nikjps updated: compilation of nested forms fixed idea/96.791
2010-07-15 nikjps updated: less warnings
2010-07-14 nikfaster compilation enabled again (problems with jdk1... idea/96.641
2010-07-14 nikjps upgraded: compilation speedup
2010-06-24 nikgant, jps and groovy updated
2010-03-20 petergroovy-hotswap plugin initial
2010-01-13 Maxim ShafirovJPS: "provided" depencency scope supported
2010-01-13 Maxim ShafirovJPS: "provided" depencency scope supported
2009-12-24 Maxim ShafirovJPS: Module's testRuntimeClasspath() now includes its... 94.55
2009-12-23 Maxim ShafirovSome dependencies normalized. CIDR build continues 94.46 94.47
2009-12-23 Maxim ShafirovCIDR build, initial
2009-10-16 Dmitry Jemerovreadme telling where to find the source of JPS
2009-09-24 Maxim Shafirov[jps]: Don't log stage message twice
2009-09-04 Maxim Shafirovreuse guessHome() in JPS
2009-09-03 Maxim Shafirovmove gant to community, first try for community tests...