cleanup ProjectFileIndex#isInLibrary (following IDEA-CR-13327)
[idea/community.git] / RegExpSupport /
2016-08-29 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: introduce AsciiUtil.isLetterOrDigit()
2016-08-29 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: add AsciiUtil.isLetter()
2016-08-26 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: initial support for named unicode characters...
2016-08-26 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: improve error highlighting for posix bracket...
2016-08-26 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: improve error reporting and recovery when parsi...
2016-08-26 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: introduce ascii utility methods
2016-08-24 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: check if group name is valid
2016-08-24 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: allow more characters in "name" lexer macro...
2016-08-18 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: always check for weak warnings in test
2016-08-17 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix tests
2016-08-17 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix octal lexing
2016-08-16 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: report more redundant escapes
2016-08-14 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: nicer highlighted range for "Unresolved named... appcode/163.2701 clion/163.2695 dbe/163.2693 idea/163.2696 phpstorm/163.2698 pycharm/163.2697 pycharm/163.2699 rubymine/163.2700 webstorm/163.2703 webstorm/163.2704
2016-08-14 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-156494 (Unknown character category IsAlphabetic)
2016-08-12 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: really fix boundaries
2016-08-11 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix test
2016-08-11 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix boundaries
2016-08-11 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: support \b{g} (Unicode extended grapheme cluste...
2016-08-10 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: support \X (Unicode extended grapheme cluster...
2016-08-10 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: cleanup test
2016-08-10 Bas Leijdekkersregex: more readable completion type text
2016-08-09 Alexander ZolotovRegex: javadoc
2016-08-08 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-08-08 Konstantin Ulitinadd javadoc
2016-08-03 Alexander ZolotovRegexp: allow negate posix bracket expressions
2016-08-03 Alexander ZolotovAdd some docs
2016-07-22 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-07-06 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: adjust test data appcode/163.1032 clion/163.1033
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: use getCommunityHomePath()
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix test data path to hopefully fix text
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: convert old parse test to highlighting test...
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: fix conversion from highlighting to parsing...
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: convert ParseTest and include in RegExpParsingTest
2016-06-28 Bas Leijdekkersautomatic conversion of RegExpParseTest to ParsingTestCase
2016-06-26 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: allow && at the beginning of a class (IDEA...
2016-06-14 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: test for inline options
2016-06-03 Alexander KassDBE: CheckRegExp is now available not only in injection...
2016-06-03 Bas Leijdekkersregex: report unknown inline option flag errors
2016-06-03 Bas Leijdekkersregex: escape xml characters and remove unnecessary...
2016-06-01 Anna.Kozlovaanonymous -> lambda appcode/162.677 clion/162.678
2016-05-27 Gregory.ShragoJFlex: regen all lexers
2016-05-27 Bas Leijdekkersregex: introduce union to create correct psi regex...
2016-05-27 Bas Leijdekkersregex: cleanup
2016-05-27 Bas Leijdekkersregex: simpler intersection parsing to improve selectio...
2016-05-27 Bas Leijdekkersregex: minor parser cleanup
2016-05-23 Bas Leijdekkersregex: autocompletion for named groups
2016-05-23 Bas Leijdekkersregex: disallow literal backspace [\b] inside java
2016-05-23 Bas Leijdekkersregex: warn about more Redundant character escapes...
2016-05-23 Bas Leijdekkersregex: brace matching for named group references
2016-05-23 Bas Leijdekkersregex: fix property completion
2016-05-21 Bas Leijdekkersregex: allow ruby caret negated properties (IDEA-123952) appcode/162.364 appcode/162.365 clion/162.363 phpstorm/162.362
2016-05-21 Bas Leijdekkersregex: parse property inside class definition [\p{X...
2016-05-21 Bas Leijdekkersregex: disallow ruby named group calls in java regexps
2016-05-19 Bas Leijdekkersregex: allow ruby named group calls (\g<name>) (RUBY...
2016-05-19 Bas Leijdekkersregex: language lookup seems unnecessary
2016-05-18 Bas Leijdekkersregex: support \R (unicode linebreak) (IDEA-138863)
2016-05-18 Bas Leijdekkersregex: brace matching for posix bracket expressions...
2016-05-18 Anna.Kozlovaanonym -> lambda
2016-05-16 Konstantin Bulenkovcleanup appcode/162.236 clion/162.238 dbe/162.231 idea/162.232 phpstorm/162.233 pycharm/162.237 rubymine/162.239 webstorm/162.240
2016-05-16 Konstantin Bulenkovuse BombedCharSequence to check regexp
2016-05-14 Gregory.ShragoJFlex: regen all lexers
2016-05-14 Gregory.Shragorevert: force unicode 2.0 to reduce static memory footprint pycharm/162.178
2016-05-13 Konstantin BulenkovIDEA-115413 UI hang on Regex evaluation appcode/162.179 clion/162.174 dbe/162.175 phpstorm/162.177 pycharm/162.172 rubymine/162.180
2016-05-13 Gregory.Shragoforce unicode 2.0 to reduce static memory footprint...
2016-05-13 Gregory.Shragoforce unicode 2.0 to reduce static memory footprint
2016-05-12 Gregory.Shragoupdate to JFlex 1.6 semantics
2016-05-11 Gregory.ShragoJFlex: regen all lexers
2016-05-11 Gregory.ShragoJFlex: regen all lexers
2016-02-08 Denis FokinRevert: Better allocation trace for the focus tracer...
2016-02-08 Denis FokinBetter allocation trace for the focus tracer.
2016-02-03 Alexey KudravtsevEA-70036 - IOE: CheckUtil.checkWritable
2015-12-08 Alexey Kudravtsevreplaced with StringUtil.trimStart/trimEnd
2015-10-26 Sergey Ignatovinline and code style
2015-08-30 Alexander ZolotovGet rid of using LookupValue
2015-08-13 Dmitry Avdeevcapitalization
2015-08-03 Bas LeijdekkersRegExp: minor cleanup and test
2015-07-22 Vladimir Krivosheevnotnull
2015-07-03 Anna Kozlovaintroduce 'Java' group for intentions (IDEA-142046)
2015-06-24 Maxim.MossienkoIDEA-128176 Good code is red: Unicode supplementary...
2015-06-02 Yann CébronBaseParseTestCase#tearDown: more safe
2015-05-26 Yann CébronRegExp Tests: remove PlatformTestCase.initPlatformLangP...
2015-05-05 Valentin FondaratovChange usages of 'key' to 'language' in lang.syntaxHigh...
2015-02-01 Valentin FondaratovTests for "Check RegExp" action in patterns in Java.
2015-02-01 Valentin FondaratovMake RegExpModifierProvider be LanguageExtension to...
2014-12-10 peteradd an explicit RegExpSupport->xml dependency to ensure...
2014-11-03 Bas LeijdekkersUse LexerTestCase instead of custom lexer test phpstorm/140.425
2014-11-02 Bas LeijdekkersRevert changes committed by mistake
2014-11-02 Bas LeijdekkersRegExp: fix completion place for POSIX bracket expressions
2014-11-02 Bas LeijdekkersRegExp: completion for POSIX bracket expressions
2014-11-01 Yann CébronBaseParseTestCase: fix compilation #2 idea/140.405
2014-11-01 Yann CébronBaseParseTestCase: fix compilation #1
2014-11-01 Bas Leijdekkersmove and rename regex tests
2014-11-01 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: support posix bracket expressions
2014-11-01 Bas Leijdekkersregexp: simplify lexer by extracting macro
2014-11-01 Bas Leijdekkersregular expression lexer test
2014-10-30 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-112498 (Regex named-group backreference (\k) marke...
2014-10-30 Bas Leijdekkersadd "Duplicate character in character class" warning
2014-10-30 Bas Leijdekkersrename
2014-10-30 Bas Leijdekkersregexp more testable
2014-10-30 Bas Leijdekkersnamed groups count for numbered back references