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[idea/community.git] / build / conf / nsis / idea_en.nsi
1 ; Installation pages headers
2 LangString choose_install_location  ${LANG_ENGLISH} "  Choose Install Location"
3 LangString choose_start_menu_folder ${LANG_ENGLISH} "  Choose Start Menu Folder"
4 LangString installing_product ${LANG_ENGLISH} "  Installing"
6 ; Installation Options page
7 LangString installation_options ${LANG_ENGLISH} "  Installation Options"
8 LangString installation_options_prompt ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Configure your ${MUI_PRODUCT} installation"
9 LangString create_desktop_shortcut ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Create Desktop Shortcut"
10 LangString create_quick_launch_shortcut ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Create Quick Launch Shortcut"
11 LangString install_for_current_user_only ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Install for current user only"
13 ; Uninstall options page
14 LangString uninstall_options ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstall ${MUI_PRODUCT}"
15 LangString uninstall_options_prompt ${LANG_ENGLISH} ""
16 LangString prompt_delete_settings ${LANG_ENGLISH} "${MUI_PRODUCT} will be uninstalled from the following folder:"
17 LangString text_delete_settings ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Please confirm if you would like to delete the caches and settings:"
18 LangString confirm_delete_caches ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Delete ${MUI_PRODUCT} ${MUI_VERSION_MAJOR}.${MUI_VERSION_MINOR} caches and local history"
19 LangString confirm_delete_settings ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Delete ${MUI_PRODUCT} ${MUI_VERSION_MAJOR}.${MUI_VERSION_MINOR} settings and installed plugins"
20 LangString confirm_delete_rider_buildtools ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Delete ${MUI_PRODUCT} ${MUI_VERSION_MAJOR}.${MUI_VERSION_MINOR} build tools frameworks"
22 ; Installation message boxes
23 LangString current_version_already_installed ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Current version of ${MUI_PRODUCT} is already installed. Do you wish to continue?"
24 LangString uninstall_previous_installations_title ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstall old versions"
25 LangString uninstall_previous_installations ${LANG_ENGLISH} ""
26 LangString uninstall_previous_installations_prompt ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Select the ${MUI_PRODUCT} version$2 that you want to uninstall."
27 LangString uninstaller_relocated ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Uninstall hasn't detected folder of ${MUI_PRODUCT} installation. Probably uninstall.exe was moved from the installation folder."
28 LangString empty_or_upgrade_folder ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Please select an empty folder."
29 LangString application_running ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$INSTDIR is running. Close the application and retry the installation."
30 LangString download_jre_32bit_version ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Download and install 32-bit JetBrains Runtime"
31 LangString not_supported_32bit_win_version ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This installation contains JetBrains Runtime 11 which does not support Microsoft Windows 32-bit version."