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2019-05-02 Sergey PrigoginFix compilation broken by ag/7275395
2019-02-12 Jerome Dochezfixed iml files in tools/base.
2018-06-11 Chris WarringtonFix Collection.toArray() warning in tools/base.
2018-06-07 Chris Warringtontools/base idea project: fix "Scroll from source"
2018-04-07 Dana Dahlstromthe great module rename
2017-12-13 Sergey PrigoginAdd color support for clip art in Vector Asset wizard
2017-12-05 Xavier DucrohetBundle support.
2017-01-20 Siva VelusamyFix iml for vector-drawable-tool
2016-11-07 Chris WarringtonUse canonical versions.
2016-09-30 Tor Norbye220197: Add a search box when choosing a vector materia...
2016-04-05 Chris WarringtonRevert "Revert "Allow Java 8 sources in modules shared...
2016-04-05 Chris WarringtonRevert "Allow Java 8 sources in modules shared with...
2016-04-04 Chris WarringtonAllow Java 8 sources in modules shared with studio.
2016-03-29 Chris WarringtonEditing support for java 8.
2015-10-27 Teng-Hui ZhuAdd more command line options to the vectordrawable...
2015-10-26 Teng-Hui Zhudisable broken svg file copy functionality
2015-08-27 Michal BendowskiAdd the new vector-drawable-tool module to IJ project.
2015-08-25 Michal BendowskiNew module for the vector drawable command line tool.