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2019-06-10 Shukang ZhouStrip the transport binary
2019-05-23 Joshua GilpatrickForce perfetto launching to wait for each process befor...
2019-05-13 Shukang ZhouUpdate datastore with preprossed simpleperf trace
2019-04-30 Joshua GilpatrickAdd recovery state for perfetto if tracer is left running
2019-04-24 Shukang ZhouMove agent related files to 'code_cache/' subdir
2019-04-20 Billy LamFix an issue when the agent references a temporary...
2019-04-18 Billy LamFix potentially problematic long usage in transport...
2019-04-18 Yi YangRefactor statsd network speed data collection
2019-04-16 Shukang ZhouSimplify timestamp calculation
2019-04-11 Billy LamAdd support for sending commands from app to daemon
2019-04-11 Billy LamCPU proto rename for new transport pipeline
2019-04-10 Billy LamUse nanosec timestamp as CPU trace Id
2019-04-10 Billy LamFix SteadyClock int overflow on 32-bit platforms
2019-04-10 Jens Ole LauridsenRead flag and enum values in agent.
2019-04-10 Jens Ole LauridsenRefactor existing agent code for properties.
2019-04-08 Billy LamSeparate Daemon and Agent configs
2019-04-06 Yi YangMake UidFetcher compatible with Mac
2019-04-05 Shukang ZhouAdd detailed causes for CPU recording failures
2019-04-05 Billy LamFix SteadyClock int overflow on 32-bit platforms
2019-04-05 Billy LamFix startup advanced profiling after transport agent...
2019-04-04 Ivan GavrilovicFix //tools/base/transport/utils:nonblocking_command_ru...
2019-04-01 Yi YangUse statsd for network speed on Q+ devices
2019-03-29 Alex BuynytskyyMinor refactor: removing int64->double->int64 conversion.
2019-03-28 Joshua GilpatrickLaunch deployed version of perfetto
2019-03-28 Billy LamSend View and Interaction events via new transport...
2019-03-28 Billy LamAdd event profiler proto for unified pipeline
2019-03-22 Billy LamAdd unsupported_reason field in Transport device proto
2019-03-21 Yi YangFix seg fault in StatsdSubscriber
2019-03-20 Yi YangIntegrate with statsd event collection pipeline
2019-03-20 Billy LamAdd command id to common transport protos
2019-03-15 Shukang ZhouAdd logs to critical commands such as CPU recording...
2019-03-14 Billy LamRename AgentService's SendPayload to SendBytes
2019-03-14 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd methods for getting properties from agent.
2019-03-11 Joshua GilpatrickClean up CpuServiceTest and add Atrace test
2019-03-09 Billy LamMove transport commands into its own proto
2019-03-09 Yi YangConsolidate AndroidVersion constants
2019-03-08 Billy LamAdded MemoryUsageSampler for the new data pipeline
2019-03-07 Joshua GilpatrickAdd perfetto flag to cpu config
2019-03-01 Yi YangAdd <functional> header
2019-02-28 Billy LamInclude process abi information in Session's metadata
2019-02-27 Joshua GilpatrickCreate wrapper for fork/exec to handle spawning perfetto
2019-02-27 Joshua GilpatrickMove terminations_service to transport + fix crashloop
2019-02-27 Yi YangMove generic agent code into transport/agent
2019-02-22 Yi YangSeparate profiler initialization from agent-attach
2019-02-21 Joe Baker-MaloneLayout Inspector agent and protos
2019-02-13 Billy LamRemove flags guarding the common transport pipeline...
2019-02-12 Yi YangFix exception when handling unregistred commands
2019-02-12 Yi YangAdd clang-format to transport/
2019-02-06 Billy LamMove GetDevices logic to Studio-side
2019-01-31 Joshua GilpatrickDaemon+Agent echo command example.
2019-01-31 Billy LamMove agent status logic out of Session into the transpo...
2019-01-29 Yi YangRemove pid from BeginSession command
2019-01-29 Yi YangMake agent attachment generic
2019-01-26 Billy LamSeparate unified pipeline rpc service from ProfilerService
2019-01-26 Yi YangDo not set group ID on agent events per contract
2019-01-24 Yi YangRename header definitions
2019-01-23 Yi YangAdd .vscode to transport/.gitignore
2019-01-23 Shukang ZhouFix connector's name so daemon can connect to agent
2019-01-23 Joshua GilpatrickMoving daemon, and other core components to transport.