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2019-11-07 android-build-team... Merging AOSP/Android Studio 3.5 Tools Base sources...
2019-03-08 Matt BayesEnable more passing Windows tests
2019-01-30 Stephen AtwoodClose input stream in MetricTest and rename confusing...
2019-01-30 Stephen AtwoodAutomatically rename Benchmarks with host-specific...
2019-01-29 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.3
2019-01-18 Bruno BussMigrate VisibleForTesting to Guava's version.
2019-01-16 Izabela OrlowskaRevert "Automatically rename Benchmarks with host-speci...
2019-01-15 Stephen AtwoodAutomatically rename Benchmarks with host-specific...
2018-10-29 Isaac ChaiAdd getter to Metric Samples
2018-10-24 Joshua GilpatrickUpdating the client side logic to handle metric names.
2018-10-02 Stephen AtwoodUpdate README for perf-logger API
2018-09-26 Billy LamSwitch the default metric to be analyzed from median...
2018-09-21 Billy LamUpdated window deviation analyzers to support mean...
2018-09-19 Scott PollomAdd javadoc to MedianWindowDeviationAnalyzer
2018-09-11 Billy LamAdd window deviation analyzers to profilers benchmarks
2018-08-30 Scott PollomUse new MIN_ANALYZER for noisy metrics
2018-08-27 Stephen AtwoodAdded benchmark_category parameter to BenchmarkTest
2018-08-21 Stephen AtwoodSuppport metadata and description fields in Benchmark
2018-08-03 Scott PollomAdd perfgate analyzer configuration to java api
2018-08-01 Joshua GilpatrickUpdating the replace logic in Metric to replace ' '
2018-07-10 Stephen AtwoodUpdate perflogger/ to reflect previous name...
2018-06-08 Billy LamAdd support for project parameter in BenchmarkLogger
2018-06-07 Dmitry Avdeevproject structure fixed appcode/182.3050 appcode/182.3066 appcode/182.3070 clion/182.3049 clion/182.3067 clion/182.3069 clion/182.3073 dbe/182.3060 dbe/182.3111 idea/182.3048 idea/182.3053 idea/182.3064 idea/182.3072 idea/182.3076 idea/182.3106 idea/182.3115 idea/182.3126 phpstorm/182.3059 phpstorm/182.3083 phpstorm/182.3100 phpstorm/182.3105 phpstorm/182.3110 phpstorm/182.3124 phpstorm/182.3198 phpstorm/182.3201 phpstorm/182.3213 phpstorm/182.3216 phpstorm/182.3224 phpstorm/183.318 pycharm/182.3058 pycharm/182.3061 pycharm/182.3108 pycharm/182.3112 pycharm/182.3118 pycharm/182.3119 rubymine/182.3057 rubymine/182.3109 rubymine/182.3120 webstorm/182.3068 webstorm/182.3098 webstorm/182.3117 webstorm/182.3128
2018-06-07 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.1.2 appcode/182.3044 appcode/183.7 clion/182.3043 idea-edu/182.3042 idea/182.3040 phpstorm/182.3038 phpstorm/182.3047 webstorm/182.3046
2018-06-06 Jerome Dochezrenamed BenchmarkLogger to Metric.
2018-05-24 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.1.2: licenses
2018-05-24 Dmitry AvdeevBenchmarkLogger moved to test sources
2018-05-24 Esteban de la CanalMove benchmark test to tools/base
2018-05-14 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.1.2
2018-05-12 Billy LamBenchmarkLogger cleanup
2018-04-19 Dana DahlstromReplace "managed" tags with comments
2018-04-07 Dana DahlstromUpdate BUILD rules after IDEA 181.3263.15 merge
2018-04-07 Dana Dahlstromthe great module rename
2018-03-31 Armand NavabiDisable tests failing on windows on windows.
2018-03-05 Dana DahlstromMove test utilities into TEST scope
2018-02-20 Billy LamFixed a failure case for our perf data upload pipeline
2017-12-01 Billy LamRemove redundant perf-logger java test rule
2017-12-01 Billy LamFix buildbot's bazel-testlogs upload step
2017-11-29 Esteban de la CanalFix BUILD files post-merge
2017-11-28 Billy LamInitial version of BenchmarkLogger