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2019-05-21 Chris WarringtonKeep dependency jars separate (command line sdk).
2019-04-14 Joe Baker-MaloneBuild new sdk tools component using bazel
2018-07-19 Tor NorbyeUpdate AndroidJarReader to skip package private members
2017-12-04 Tor NorbyeMisc lint fixes
2017-09-21 Michal BendowskiAdd NOTICE files to published jars
2017-09-21 Michal Bendowskiedd NOTICE files to published jars
2017-06-01 Romain GuyAdd support for color spaces in screenshots
2017-05-23 Sergey PrigoginAdd information about removed API elements
2017-04-04 Tor NorbyeDelete obsolete psi-extractor project
2017-01-18 Michal BendowskiMake sure is self-consistent
2016-10-27 Tor NorbyeUpdate UAST library to match IntelliJ 2016.2.5.
2016-10-24 Tor NorbyeRemove obsolete Eclipse metadata files
2016-10-12 Jerome Dochezfixed the PsiExtractor to create fake sources and javad...
2016-10-07 Joe Baker-MaloneSwitch screenshot2 to use gradle-generated wrapper
2016-07-19 Tor NorbyeMerge "Fix NOTICE copying from psi extraction library...
2016-04-22 Tor NorbyeFix NOTICE copying from psi extraction library
2016-04-22 Tor NorbyeUpdate PSI for lint from IJ 15 to IJ 16.1.1
2016-04-12 Tor NorbyeUpdate the old attribute_stats project to be Gradle...
2016-03-11 Tor NorbyeAdd PSI extraction tool
2016-02-13 Tor NorbyeAPI Generator: Don't list interface implicitly inherited
2016-02-03 Tor NorbyeGet rid of sdk common dependency in the api generator
2016-02-03 Neil FullerUpgrade api-generator to latest version of asmlib
2015-08-24 Tor Norbye183500: Lint API check doesn't enforce Android M APIs
2015-08-19 Chris WarringtonMake api-generator depend on current common.
2015-05-06 Tor NorbyeExtract deprecation information in the API generator
2014-12-20 Tor NorbyeUpdate ADT .classpath files with ASM 5.0.3
2014-07-14 Tor NorbyeFix Eclipse project metadata files
2014-06-09 Raphael MollFix by-one api error in api-generator.
2014-06-05 Raphael MollConvert Api-Generator to gradle.
2014-05-22 Xavier DucrohetUpdate build to the new no-snapshot build.
2014-05-15 Xavier DucrohetUpdate project setup.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetMove to multi-platform builds
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetNew distrib plugin.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetRemove distrib plugins.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetUpdate build files to build from tools/
2014-03-03 Xavier DucrohetFix packaging of dep in package.
2014-01-03 Xavier DucrohetFix issues in distrib plugin.
2013-12-21 Xavier DucrohetUpdate internal plugin for Gradle 1.10.
2013-12-05 Xavier DucrohetAdd missing version on some modules.
2013-12-05 Xavier DucrohetRefactor build logic.
2013-08-14 Xavier DucrohetMake the artifact download not ignore
2013-08-07 Xavier DucrohetUpdate internal gradle plugin.
2013-07-12 Raphael MollFix Eclipse build settings for screenshot2.
2013-06-12 Tor NorbyeChange Eclipse compiler errors for null issues to warnings
2013-04-17 Siva VelusamyMark screenshot2 tool as shippable
2013-04-17 Xavier DucrohetFix internal plugins to support different repos.
2013-03-21 Xavier DucrohetFix internal plugin to correctly compute class-path.
2013-03-20 Xavier DucrohetMerge "Sort merged notice files."
2013-03-18 Xavier DucrohetFix eclipse project dependencies.
2013-03-16 Xavier DucrohetSort merged notice files.
2013-03-12 Raphael MollMove screenshot2 to tools/base.
2013-03-11 Xavier DucrohetMake wrong checksum a warning instead of error.
2013-03-09 Xavier DucrohetMisc fix to internal plugins.
2013-03-08 Xavier DucrohetRemove swt from manifest classpath.
2013-03-08 Xavier DucrohetFix internal plugin to ignore local swt artifacts.
2013-03-08 Xavier DucrohetAdd support for publishing the launcher scripts.
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetFix to the internal plugins.
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetMove more projects from sdk.git
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetCouple of internal plugins for Gradle.
2012-12-14 Xavier DucrohetBuild all modules with gradle.
2012-12-13 Tor NorbyeAdd IDE project files
2012-12-13 Tor NorbyeCopy code from sdk.git to base.git