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[idea/adt-tools-base.git] / jobb /
2019-04-14 Joe Baker-MaloneBuild new sdk tools component using bazel
2017-09-21 Michal BendowskiAdd NOTICE files to published jars
2017-09-21 Michal Bendowskiedd NOTICE files to published jars
2016-10-06 Joe Baker-MaloneSwitching jobb to use gradle-generated start script
2016-05-02 Chris WarringtonJavadoc strict mode fixes.
2016-04-25 Jerome Dochezfixed some incorrect javadocs and turned off strict...
2015-09-08 Jeffrey van GoghClean up various ErrorProne issues in tools/base/
2014-05-22 Xavier DucrohetUpdate build to the new no-snapshot build.
2014-05-15 Xavier DucrohetUpdate project setup.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetMove to multi-platform builds
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetNew distrib plugin.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetUpdate build files to build from tools/
2013-12-05 Xavier DucrohetAdd missing version on some modules.
2013-12-05 Xavier DucrohetRefactor build logic.
2013-08-15 Scott BartaSupport for installing SDK in C:\Program Files
2013-04-12 Xavier DucrohetAdd notice file to the jar files.
2013-04-11 Xavier DucrohetAdd notice file to the jar files.
2013-03-08 Xavier DucrohetAdd support for publishing the launcher scripts.
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetCouple of internal plugins for Gradle.
2013-02-06 Xavier DucrohetFix generation of prebuilt jars to include classpath...
2013-01-03 Xavier DucrohetAdd jobb to the gradle modules.
2012-12-13 Tor NorbyeAdd IDE project files
2012-12-13 Tor NorbyeCopy code from sdk.git to base.git