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2019-03-22 Dmitriy.PanovIJI-80: fixing files containing CRLF line endings
2019-02-22 Yi YangRe-enable perf-tests
2019-02-06 Yi YangClean up PerfDriver in perf-test
2018-08-16 Alan LeungAdd more test cases for the Agent.
2018-08-10 estebandlcFirst end to end version of the new instant run
2018-08-01 Yi YangFix LiveAllocationTest flakiness
2018-07-30 Alan LeungUpload a PB instead of dex files for code swap
2018-07-10 Alan LeungInitial Check-in for Code Swapper
2018-06-22 Alan LeungFix HotSwap coverage test
2018-06-22 Alan LeungFix fake_android_test Foundry issue.
2018-06-18 Alan LeungFurther refactoring of the perf_test rule.
2018-06-14 Alan LeungMake android-mock part of fakeandroid.
2018-06-12 Alan LeungInitial Commit for the HotSwapper.
2018-06-08 Yuxin YuFix integration test timeout flakniess.
2018-06-05 Yuxin YuFix OkHttp test flakiness.
2018-06-04 Esteban de la CanalMoves FakeAndroidDriver out to it's own library