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2019-03-08 Eric ReedTag tests for coverage runs
2019-02-28 Matt BayesRe-enable passing Windows test targets
2019-02-09 Dana DahlstromComply with renaming by commit d265386
2019-02-05 Jerome Dochezadd diffutils to test dependencies in iml.
2019-01-24 Jerome Dochezrenamed truth_java8_extension to be consistent
2019-01-23 Jerome DochezSwitch to Truth 0.42
2019-01-18 Bruno BussMigrate VisibleForTesting to Guava's version.
2018-10-12 parentejUpdate Android SDK - add Android-28
2018-08-17 Armand NavabiDisable test currently failing on Windows PSQ, thus...
2018-05-01 Armand NavabiNow that we have a foundry PSQ, use to see if we can...
2018-04-19 Dana DahlstromReplace "managed" tags with comments
2018-04-17 Renaud PaquayExpose root cause of test failure
2018-04-16 Renaud PaquayDisable ADB integration test from devicelib
2018-04-07 Dana DahlstromUpdate BUILD rules after IDEA 181.3263.15 merge
2018-04-07 Dana Dahlstromthe great module rename
2018-03-01 Armand NavabiDisable the original set of failing targets on foundry.
2018-02-15 Chris WarringtonMaven repository: NOTICE files in bazel.
2018-01-12 Chris WarringtonMove assertThat() implementation to individual subjects.
2017-09-21 Michal BendowskiAdd NOTICE files to published jars
2017-09-21 Michal Bendowskiedd NOTICE files to published jars
2017-08-02 estebandlcAdds support for .iml refenreces from iml_modules
2017-07-07 Michal BendowskiKotlin build files cleanup
2017-07-04 Michal BendowskiUpdate iml-to-bazel plugin to support new profilers...
2017-06-22 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Support retrieving adbd features
2017-06-22 Siva Velusamydevicelib: convert integration test to kotlin
2017-06-14 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Remove unnecessary CommandBuffer abstraction
2017-06-14 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Add support for querying features supported...
2017-06-12 Ivan GavrilovicMove kotlin-stdlib from compile to testCompile
2017-06-12 Ivan GavrilovicAdd kotlin-stdlib to devicelib gradle build
2017-06-09 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Listen to adb server for device change notif...
2017-06-09 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Fix race in KillServerTest
2017-06-09 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Disable KillServerTest temporarily
2017-06-08 Siva Velusamydevicelib: use channels instead of streams
2017-06-02 Siva VelusamySet $HOME to temp folder to allow adb to work inside...
2017-05-25 Siva VelusamyFix OsProcessRunnerTest to accomdate change in adb
2017-05-10 TreeHugger RobotMerge "devicelib: fix parsing of device listing" into...
2017-05-10 Siva VelusamyMerge "devicelib: Support launching with libusb enabled...
2017-05-06 Siva Velusamydevicelib: fix parsing of device listing
2017-05-06 Siva Velusamydevices: Fix parsing of device listing when there are...
2017-05-06 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Support launching with libusb enabled
2017-05-05 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Use VirtualTimeScheduler in tests instead...
2017-03-22 Dana DahlstromExtract tools.testlib from tools.tests
2017-03-22 Siva VelusamyClean up timeout logic in AdbServerServiceTest
2017-03-21 Siva VelusamyIncrease timeout in OsProcessRunnerTest
2017-03-14 Jerome Dochezadded missing dependencies
2017-03-14 Jerome Dochezadded missing build.gradle for new devicelib module
2017-03-13 Jerome Dochezadded missing dependencies
2017-03-10 Jerome Dochezadded missing build.gradle for new devicelib module
2017-03-09 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Fix flaky OsProcessRunnerTest
2017-03-04 Siva Velusamydevicelib: tweak stream API to not expose internals
2017-02-27 Siva Velusamydevicelib: add support for list devices command
2017-02-27 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Add ability to execute adb host commands
2017-02-22 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Allow running multiple instances of the...
2017-02-22 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Replace ScopedThreadName with ScopedThreadNa...
2017-02-21 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Add ability to launch an adb server
2017-02-16 estebandlcUpdates build files for IntelliJ 2017.1
2017-02-13 Tor NorbyeMerge remote-tracking branch 'goog/studio-master-dev...
2017-02-03 Siva Velusamydevicelib: Add utility method to identify if adb server...
2017-01-28 Siva VelusamyAdd devicelib skeleton module