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2019-11-07 android-build-team... Merging AOSP/Android Studio 3.5 Tools Base sources...
2019-06-07 Hannah ChuImprove error message when ADB cannot be executed
2019-05-01 estebandlcFixes duplicated metrics.
2019-05-01 estebandlcFixes duplicated metrics.
2019-05-01 estebandlcFixes duplicated metrics.
2019-05-01 estebandlcFixes duplicated metrics.
2019-04-26 noahzUpdate ddmlib to report push/install times
2019-04-24 estebandlcFixes delta install when downgrading versions
2019-04-03 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of deprecated Throwables.propagateIfInstanceOf
2019-03-29 Roberto PerezAdding automotive skin
2019-03-13 parentejAnnotate AdbHelper methods as Slow
2019-03-08 Eric ReedTag tests for coverage runs
2019-03-01 Alex BuynytskyyExpose the feature to use abb to install apks.
2019-02-27 Siva VelusamyRevert "Never remove a Client as part of error handling"
2019-02-19 Gen LiSet spammy ddmlib logs to debug level.
2019-02-15 Jerome Dochezrename easymock_tools to Mocks
2019-02-15 Jerome DochezRevert "Fix various iml files for tools/base project."
2019-02-15 Jerome DochezFix various iml files for tools/base project.
2019-02-12 Stefan XenosFix error message in Connection Assistant when no devices
2019-02-12 Bruno BussMake parserTest() public.
2019-02-12 Jerome Dochezfixed iml files in tools/base.
2019-02-09 Dana DahlstromComply with renaming by commit d265386
2019-02-09 Stefan XenosAdd low-level API for accessing "adb devices"
2019-01-31 Matt BayesRe-enable passing ddmlib tests on Windows
2019-01-30 Stefan XenosNever remove a Client as part of error handling
2019-01-29 Stefan XenosFix race condition in DeviceMonitor
2019-01-24 Alex BuynytskyyAdds abb support to ddmlib.
2019-01-19 estebandlcRemoves the need for fakeadb to need a physical adb...
2019-01-18 Bruno BussMigrate VisibleForTesting to Guava's version.
2019-01-16 estebandlcRolls back behavior to not fail if there is no error...
2019-01-09 parentejAdbHelper: Print error message if called from Event...
2019-01-08 estebandlcFixes error code when the error has a description
2018-12-21 Hannah ChuResolve loopback address in Java
2018-11-27 Julien DesprezAvoid reporting inconsistent events during multi failures
2018-11-16 Eric ReedExtend coverage reporting to non iml_module packages
2018-11-12 estebandlcInstallException keeps the error code
2018-10-26 Alan LeungMake the Deployer aware of the Debugger.
2018-10-15 Michal BendowskiKeep order of key-value pairs from instrumentation...
2018-10-09 Betty ZhouAdd installRemotePackages to install split packages...
2018-09-21 Betty ZhouAdd getSuccessMessage in InstallReceiver.
2018-08-17 Armand NavabiDisable test currently failing on Windows PSQ, thus...
2018-08-16 Juan C NunoFix the warnings
2018-08-08 estebandlcExposes stdin to executeShellCommand
2018-08-03 Julien DesprezEnsure all listeners receive the same events
2018-06-15 Dana DahlstromDisable sporadically failing test methods
2018-06-11 Chris WarringtonFix Collection.toArray() warning in tools/base.
2018-06-07 Chris Warringtontools/base idea project: fix "Scroll from source"
2018-05-18 Ivan GavrilovicSupport coverage reports in directory
2018-05-14 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.1.2
2018-05-09 Dana DahlstromUpdate mock dependencies
2018-04-25 Michal BendowskiSupport ATO in androidx package
2018-04-19 Dana DahlstromReplace "managed" tags with comments
2018-04-18 Xavier DucrohetExtension for IDevice in sdk-common to query for languages.
2018-04-12 jdesprezSetup the Instrumentation parser so it can be customized
2018-04-07 Dana DahlstromUpdate BUILD rules after IDEA 181.3263.15 merge
2018-04-07 Dana Dahlstromthe great module rename
2018-04-04 jdesprezWhen there is a fatal failure captured in stream use it
2018-04-03 Anh Tuan NguyenFix IotInstallChecker to only collect third-party apps.
2018-03-20 Dmitry Avdeevandroid testUtils converted to library appcode/182.899 appcode/182.914 appcode/182.922 clion/182.898 clion/182.913 clion/182.917 clion/182.921 dbe/182.918 phpstorm/182.894 phpstorm/182.907 phpstorm/182.924 pycharm/182.904 pycharm/182.908 pycharm/182.909 pycharm/182.910 pycharm/182.912 pycharm/182.916 pycharm/182.919 rubymine/182.920 webstorm/182.926
2018-03-15 Juan C NunoMake the time pattern and formatter accessible
2018-03-15 Kelvin MaSupport basic V2 protocol
2018-03-10 Juan C NunoReturn null instead of throwing exceptions
2018-03-03 Juan C NunoAdd an isBefore method
2018-02-21 jdesprezHandle the onError message from newer AndroidJunitRunne...
2018-02-15 Chris WarringtonMaven repository: NOTICE files in bazel.
2018-02-14 Kelvin MaConvert Layout Inspector module to Kotlin
2018-02-14 jdesprezAllow FileEntry constructor to be used directly
2018-02-06 Juan C NunoAdd LogCatLongEpochMessageParser
2018-01-30 jdesprezexpand install[Remote]Package for more customizations
2018-01-30 Juan C NunoFix the warnings
2018-01-27 Juan C NunoFix the warnings
2018-01-25 nikIDEA project configuration: the great module rename 181.3263 appcode/181.3125 appcode/181.3131 appcode/181.3152 appcode/181.3158 appcode/181.3169 appcode/181.3176 appcode/181.3190 appcode/181.3193 appcode/181.3196 appcode/181.3199 appcode/181.3203 appcode/181.3214 appcode/181.3217 appcode/181.3224 appcode/181.3233 appcode/181.3244 appcode/181.3256 appcode/181.3263.10 appcode/181.3263.24 appcode/181.3263.4 appcode/181.3268 appcode/181.3278 appcode/181.3283 appcode/181.3287 appcode/181.3297 appcode/181.3308 appcode/181.3319 appcode/181.3325 appcode/181.3334 appcode/181.3338 appcode/181.3351 appcode/181.3359 appcode/181.3372 appcode/181.3384 appcode/181.3397 appcode/181.3414 appcode/181.3564 clion/181.3162 clion/181.3167 clion/181.3175 clion/181.3177 clion/181.3182 clion/181.3188 clion/181.3194 clion/181.3197 clion/181.3200 clion/181.3209 clion/181.3213 clion/181.3216 clion/181.3225 clion/181.3232 clion/181.3243 clion/181.3257 clion/181.3263.17 clion/181.3263.6 clion/181.3267 clion/181.3277 clion/181.3285 clion/181.3296 clion/181.3300 clion/181.3305 clion/181.3318 clion/181.3323 clion/181.3324 clion/181.3342 clion/181.3347 clion/181.3358 clion/181.3371 clion/181.3379 clion/181.3383 clion/181.3394 dbe/181.3136 dbe/181.3143 dbe/181.3147 dbe/181.3185 dbe/181.3207 dbe/181.3221 dbe/181.3264 dbe/181.3306 dbe/181.3336 dbe/181.3349 dbe/181.3375 dbe/181.3393 idea/181.3126 idea/181.3128 idea/181.3133 idea/181.3142 idea/181.3145 idea/181.3157 idea/181.3171 idea/181.3174 idea/181.3184 idea/181.3204 idea/181.3219 idea/181.3231 idea/181.3248 idea/181.3255 idea/181.3263 idea/181.3263.1 idea/181.3263.13 idea/181.3263.15 idea/181.3263.3 idea/181.3263.7 idea/181.3303 idea/181.3344 idea/181.3376 idea/181.3382 idea/181.3391 phpstorm/181.3122 phpstorm/181.3130 phpstorm/181.3146 phpstorm/181.3164 phpstorm/181.3173 phpstorm/181.3183 phpstorm/181.3195 phpstorm/181.3198 phpstorm/181.3205 phpstorm/181.3212 phpstorm/181.3215 phpstorm/181.3218 phpstorm/181.3237 phpstorm/181.3239 phpstorm/181.3262 phpstorm/181.3263.18 phpstorm/181.3281 phpstorm/181.3292 phpstorm/181.3321 phpstorm/181.3322 phpstorm/181.3331 phpstorm/181.3345 phpstorm/181.3364 phpstorm/181.3374 phpstorm/181.3380 phpstorm/181.3390 pycharm/181.3149 pycharm/181.3150 pycharm/181.3155 pycharm/181.3156 pycharm/181.3187 pycharm/181.3189 pycharm/181.3202 pycharm/181.3206 pycharm/181.3222 pycharm/181.3223 pycharm/181.3228 pycharm/181.3229 pycharm/181.3247 pycharm/181.3253 pycharm/181.3258 pycharm/181.3263.12 pycharm/181.3263.5 pycharm/181.3266 pycharm/181.3269 pycharm/181.3272 pycharm/181.3273 pycharm/181.3289 pycharm/181.3293 pycharm/181.3295 pycharm/181.3298 pycharm/181.3299 pycharm/181.3302 pycharm/181.3307 pycharm/181.3312 pycharm/181.3313 pycharm/181.3326 pycharm/181.3330 pycharm/181.3340 pycharm/181.3348 pycharm/181.3350 pycharm/181.3355 pycharm/181.3356 pycharm/181.3365 pycharm/181.3366 pycharm/181.3368 pycharm/181.3373 pycharm/181.3378 pycharm/181.3386 pycharm/181.3387 pycharm/181.3388 pycharm/181.3389 pycharm/181.3395 pycharm/181.3396 pycharm/181.3413 pycharm/181.3417 pycharm/181.3420 pycharm/181.3421 pycharm/181.3458 pycharm/181.3475 pycharm/181.3484 pycharm/181.3490 pycharm/181.3516 pycharm/181.3526 pycharm/181.3543 pycharm/181.3567 pycharm/181.3624 rubymine/181.3127 rubymine/181.3151 rubymine/181.3186 rubymine/181.3208 rubymine/181.3220 rubymine/181.3235 rubymine/181.3260 rubymine/181.3263.25 rubymine/181.3265 rubymine/181.3284 rubymine/181.3304 rubymine/181.3341 rubymine/181.3346 rubymine/181.3377 rubymine/181.3392 rubymine/183.2631 webstorm/181.3154 webstorm/181.3179 webstorm/181.3192 webstorm/181.3211 webstorm/181.3227 webstorm/181.3263.11 webstorm/181.3263.16 webstorm/181.3263.2 webstorm/181.3263.21 webstorm/181.3271 webstorm/181.3291 webstorm/181.3310 webstorm/181.3327 webstorm/181.3332 webstorm/181.3354 webstorm/181.3370 webstorm/181.3399
2018-01-25 nikIDEA project configuration: the great module rename
2018-01-17 Kelvin MaImprove ClientData methods
2018-01-16 Kelvin MaImprove ClientData methods
2018-01-12 Juan C NunoChange the default charset to UTF-8
2018-01-05 Juan C NunoFix the warnings
2018-01-05 Juan C NunoMake flush not final
2018-01-02 Juan C NunoAdd equals and hashCode methods
2017-12-13 Dana DahlstromUpdate BUILD files
2017-12-12 Yahan ZhouDo not cache volatile props in PropertyFetcher
2017-12-08 Juan C NunoMake AndroidDebugBridge not final
2017-12-06 Erwin JansenSupport for IPv6
2017-12-05 Xavier DucrohetBundle support.
2017-11-29 Michal BendowskiRemoteAndroidTestRunner: Correctly quote inner classes
2017-11-22 Joshua Duong[ScreenRecord] Add 'screenrecord' command to emulator...
2017-11-22 Joshua DuongRevert "[ScreenRecord] Use emulator screen recording...
2017-11-21 Joshua Duong[ScreenRecord] Use emulator screen recording if available.
2017-11-16 jdesprezAllow parsing the long TimeStamp format
2017-11-03 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.0
2017-10-25 Chris WarringtonDisable AndroidDebugBridgeTest.adbVersion()
2017-10-17 Chester HsiehAdds port forwarding support to fake ADB Server.
2017-09-12 Renaud PaquayFix logcat header parser to support empty tags
2017-08-31 Charlie TsaiRemove non-necessary adb termination
2017-08-17 Anh Tuan NguyenWrote IotInstallChecker to find IOT_LAUNCHER apps on...
2017-08-11 Renaud PaquayRevert "Add max timeout to installPackage and default...
2017-08-10 jdesprezAdd max timeout to installPackage and default error...
2017-08-08 Peter XuCorrect ddmlib's package group
2017-08-02 estebandlcAdds support for .iml refenreces from iml_modules
2017-07-31 Kelvin MaEnable deploying resources as APK(s)