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2019-07-22 Fedor KudasovPrevent stackoverflow when rendering xml
2019-07-17 diegoperezFix mappings documented in DAC
2019-07-17 diegoperezAdd exoplayer migration rule
2019-07-17 diegoperezAdd the workmanager androidx migration rules
2019-07-08 Amr AfifiyOnly compare columns in SourcePosition if both column...
2019-06-14 Sergey PrigoginSupport new format of public.xml introduced in Android Q
2019-05-08 Sergey PrigoginPreserve aspect ratio when importing vector asset
2019-05-08 Amr AfifiyUsed manifest merger blame log in resource linking...
2019-05-08 Amr AfifiyChanged source position toString to output in a more...
2019-05-03 Diego PerezAdd ScrollView constant
2019-05-01 Ivan GavrilovicUpdate to Gradle 5.4.1
2019-04-23 Valery CherepanovDrop experimental AGP support from build system
2019-04-23 Chris WarringtonUtil method for decapitalize.
2019-04-18 Dan AlbertClean up NdkPlatform.supports64Bits.
2019-04-16 Valery CherepanovChange SdkConstants.GRADLE_PLUGIN_RECOMMENDED_VERSION...
2019-04-15 Kainan WangAdd LiveData/ObservableFields class names to SdkConstants
2019-04-11 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.4-rc-1
2019-04-04 Michal BendowskiDefine constants for ActionProvider class names
2019-04-02 Ivan GavrilovicAdd support for useEmbeddedDex
2019-03-29 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.3.1
2019-03-28 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd alpha to SdkConstants.
2019-03-28 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd a stability exception for support-annotations.
2019-03-22 Dmitriy.PanovIJI-80: fixing files containing CRLF line endings
2019-03-18 Jomo FisherNDK side-by-side: Add "cmake.dir" property
2019-03-18 huansAdd Min AndroidVersion to support Foldable Devices
2019-03-18 Mike MoroneyNavigation androidx migration support
2019-03-12 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.3-rc2
2019-03-08 Eric ReedTag tests for coverage runs
2019-03-08 Tor NorbyeMake tools aware of Q preview
2019-03-08 Fedor KudasovUse generated proguard rules
2019-03-07 Izabela OrlowskaSplit up GenerateLibraryRFileTask
2019-03-07 diegoperezUpdate migration map
2019-02-26 diegoperezAdding AsyncSupplier
2019-02-20 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.2.1
2019-02-19 Sergey PrigoginRemove the top stack frame in the getCurrentStack(...
2019-02-13 Michal BendowskiAdd AndroidX preferences to SdkConstants
2019-02-09 Dana DahlstromComply with renaming by commit d265386
2019-02-09 Jomo FisherAllow user to request symlink to NDK
2019-02-08 diegoperezUpdate ConstraintLayout migration version to 1.1.3
2019-01-31 Matt BayesRe-enable passing common tests on Windows
2019-01-29 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.3
2019-01-18 Bruno BussMigrate VisibleForTesting to Guava's version.
2019-01-16 Sergey PrigoginMove AAR resource repository code to a separate module
2019-01-16 Izabela OrlowskaRevert "Move AAR resource repository code to a separate...
2019-01-16 parentejAndroidX: Updated deprecated androidx.test references
2019-01-16 Sergey PrigoginMove AAR resource repository code to a separate module
2019-01-15 Fedor KudasovRewrite namespace for local resource references in...
2019-01-11 Tor Norbye122718199: CharSequences#startsWith throws StringIndexO...
2019-01-11 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.1.1
2019-01-10 Hung NguyenRevert "Gradle 5.1"
2019-01-10 Hung NguyenRevert "Gradle 5.1"
2019-01-08 Chris WarringtonGradle 5.1
2018-12-20 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd a few missing constraint layout attributes.
2018-12-11 Jinseong JeonIgnore comments (#) and empty line in proguard mappings.
2018-12-07 hofordAdd needed string
2018-12-05 diegoperezAdd support PreferenceScreen constant
2018-12-05 Ivan GavrilovicUpdate to Gradle 5.1 milestone 1
2018-11-30 Diego PerezWorkmanager artifact does not exist. Do not migrate
2018-11-29 Diego PerezWorkmanager artifact does not exist. Do not migrate
2018-11-28 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd attribute constants for ViewGroup
2018-11-28 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd attribute names for SdkConstants.
2018-11-26 Chris WarringtonUpgrade to Gradle 5.0
2018-11-22 Sergey PrigoginRemove uses of the deprecated SdkConstants.NS_RESOURCES...
2018-11-21 Sergey PrigoginExtract a constant for ""
2018-11-20 Jomo FisherUpdate SDK downloader to enable side by side NDK
2018-11-16 Sergey PrigoginMore robust algorithm for detecting proto XML
2018-11-16 Diego PerezRemove beta01 suffix from andridx libs
2018-11-15 Sergey PrigoginMore robust algorithm for detecting proto XML
2018-11-09 Jerome Dochezupgraded Gradle version to 5.0 rc-1
2018-10-26 Brett ChabotUpdate androidx.test artifact versions to stable.
2018-10-22 Hung NguyenAdd IDE support for api.jar in AARs (tools/base).
2018-10-22 Hung NguyenAdd IDE support for api.jar in AARs (tools/base).
2018-10-22 Jerome DochezChanges to support Gradle 5.0 milestone-1
2018-10-17 parentej[NPW] projects created with out dated lib versions
2018-10-12 Hannah ChuAdd paragraph methods to HtmlBuilder
2018-10-04 Vadim CaenAdd more drawable types to SdkConstants
2018-10-03 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd a few shortcuts to XmlBuilder.
2018-09-27 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd "navigationIcon" constant.
2018-09-27 Hung NguyenUpdate to build tools 28.0.3 (tools/base).
2018-09-26 Chris GrayDo not follow symlinks in PathUtils.deleteRecursivelyIf...
2018-09-18 Ivan GavrilovicUpdate Gradle version to 4.10.1
2018-09-17 Udam SainiAdds the dist prefix to be used by the IDE for auto...
2018-09-14 Jens Ole LauridsenRemove/add attribute for material design.
2018-09-05 Ivan GavrilovicUpdate min Gradle version to 4.10
2018-09-04 Hung NguyenFix DirectoryNotEmptyException when deleting Windows...
2018-08-31 Edward KarunaAdd detection of instant app enabled modules to gradle...
2018-08-30 Jens Ole LauridsenFix 3 artifact name mistakes.
2018-08-30 Scott PollomMerge <dist:module> elements for overlays
2018-08-24 irinabulgaruClip-path tag
2018-08-22 IoanaNew SDK constants for vector drawables
2018-08-22 Hung NguyenUse build tools 28.0.2 (tools/base).
2018-08-21 Vadim CaenAdding tags for different kind of drawables
2018-08-17 Armand NavabiDisable test currently failing on Windows PSQ, thus...
2018-08-16 Pierre LecesneUpdate Guava to version 26.0-jre.
2018-08-10 Sergey PrigoginFix JavaDoc of trimInsignificantZeros
2018-08-07 Hung NguyenAdd renderscript jar based on useAndroidX flag.
2018-08-03 Joe Baker-MaloneAdd argType attribute
2018-08-01 Michal BendowskiAdd CacheUtils.retainAll
2018-07-26 Diego PerezAdd migration for bottomnavigationview
2018-07-26 Takeshi HagikuraUpdate AndroidX for test libraries versions.