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[idea/adt-tools-base.git] / build.gradle
2017-02-14 Joe Baker-MaloneMoving to tools/base
2017-02-14 Joe Baker-MaloneMoving to tools/base
2015-08-14 Jerome Dochezproper integration of the fast deploy runtime
2014-05-15 Xavier DucrohetFix project setup.
2014-05-15 Xavier DucrohetUpdate project setup.
2014-05-08 Xavier DucrohetUpdate build files to build from tools/
2014-04-09 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 0.10.0/22.8.0
2014-03-27 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 22.7.3/0.9.3
2014-03-19 Xavier DucrohetUpdate versions to 0.9.2/22.7.2
2014-03-11 Xavier DucrohetRevert "Removed gradle module from the Intellij project...
2014-03-10 Xavier DucrohetProperly call publishLocal before gradle-model:test
2014-03-07 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 22.7.1/0.9.1
2014-02-25 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 22.7.0/0.9.0
2014-02-13 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 0.8.4/22.5.4
2014-02-13 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 0.8.3
2014-02-04 Xavier DucrohetUpdate versions to 22.5.2/0.8.2
2014-01-23 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 0.8.1/22.5.1
2013-12-27 Xavier DucrohetUpdate verson to 0.8.0 and 22.5.0
2013-12-26 Xavier DucrohetUpdate base plugins to 22.4.1
2013-12-21 Xavier DucrohetUpdate for Gradle 1.10.
2013-12-20 Xavier DucrohetUpdate to version 0.7.2
2013-12-19 Xavier DucrohetAdd DSL to exclude some files from packaging.
2013-12-11 Xavier Ducrohetfix release script.
2013-12-11 Xavier Ducrohetfix release script.
2013-12-05 Xavier Ducrohetmove build into tools/base
2013-12-05 Xavier DucrohetRefactor build logic.
2013-11-03 Alex RuizRevert "Bump tools base version to 22.2.1"
2013-11-03 Tor NorbyeBump tools base version to 22.2.1
2013-09-13 Xavier DucrohetAdd way to override the local repo destination.
2013-07-11 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 22.2.0
2013-07-11 Xavier DucrohetUpdate version to 22.1.0
2013-05-15 Xavier DucrohetAdd signing to the maven artifacts
2013-04-18 Xavier DucrohetRedirect user.home when doing local publish.
2013-03-28 Xavier DucrohetMove revision to 22.
2013-03-23 Xavier DucrohetVersion number is now 21.2
2013-03-08 Xavier DucrohetAdd support for publishing the launcher scripts.
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetFix to the internal plugins.
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetMove more projects from sdk.git
2013-03-07 Xavier DucrohetCouple of internal plugins for Gradle.
2013-02-12 Raphael MollSDK: change gradle output dir to out/host/gradle.
2013-02-06 Xavier DucrohetSimplifies the generation of all the prebuilts.
2013-02-06 Siva VelusamyMerge "Add findbugs to gradle build script"
2013-02-06 Siva VelusamyAdd findbugs to gradle build script
2013-02-06 Xavier DucrohetFix generation of prebuilt jars to include classpath...
2013-01-16 Xavier DucrohetRemove emma for now as we don't use it.
2013-01-15 Xavier DucrohetAdd a way to make the build succeed on test failures.
2013-01-15 Xavier DucrohetFix the aggregate reports.
2013-01-15 Raphael MollChange all gradle output dirs to the out/host folder.
2013-01-08 Raphael MollUse ANDROID_HOST_OUT for gradle buildDir if defined.
2013-01-08 Raphael MollSet gradle buildDir to $TOPDIR/out directory.
2012-12-21 Xavier DucrohetMisc fix in maven artifacts.
2012-12-20 Xavier DucrohetAdd emma support. kinda broken but could be useful.
2012-12-19 Xavier DucrohetMake single report for all subprojects.
2012-12-14 Xavier DucrohetBuild all modules with gradle.