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2017-11-03 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 3.0
2017-09-21 Sergey PrigoginMove code from tools/base/asset-studio to tools/adt...
2017-08-30 Sergey PrigoginMove code from tools/base/asset-studio to tools/adt...
2017-08-02 estebandlcAdds support for .iml refenreces from iml_modules
2017-06-13 Renaud PaquayWorkaround appt2 code gen issue (b/6231634)
2017-05-31 Renaud PaquayFix test to pass on Windows (newlines differences)
2017-05-09 Renaud PaquayAdaptive Icons: Improve naming
2017-05-01 Renaud PaquayAdaptive Icons: Update sample background image
2017-04-28 Jerome Dochezchange WaitableExecutor to use ForkJoinPool instead...
2017-04-25 Renaud PaquayAdaptive Icons: Use Legacy icons mask and shadows
2017-04-23 Renaud PaquayAdaptive Icons: Multiple image generation improvements
2017-04-19 Renaud PaquayAdaptive icons: Remove sample image from template
2017-04-18 Renaud PaquayAdd support for previewing adaptive icons with Layers
2017-03-28 Dmitry Avdeevandroid 2.3 merge
2017-03-22 Renaud PaquayPreliminary change before adaptive icons support
2017-02-06 Siva VelusamyUpdate to mockito-core 2.7.1
2016-12-02 Tor NorbyeRemove obsolete exclude folders
2016-12-02 Juan C NunoDelete
2016-12-01 Juan C NunoList the icon categories instead of hard coding them
2016-11-23 Juan C NunoDelete the duplicate ic_rv_hookup_black_24dp.xml
2016-11-09 Peter XuUpdated GraphicGenerator.getResourceNames to check...
2016-11-07 Chris WarringtonUse canonical versions.
2016-11-04 Renaud PaquayFix test to pass on Windows
2016-11-03 Chris WarringtonDisable jacoco on windows.
2016-10-24 Tor NorbyeRemove obsolete Eclipse metadata files
2016-10-20 Dana DahlstromAdd “do not sort” comments to iml_module arguments
2016-10-18 Dana DahlstromEnable Error Prone in tools/base subpackages
2016-10-15 Dana DahlstromRemove outdated “do not modify” comments
2016-10-14 Dana DahlstromSort arguments in buildifier order
2016-10-09 estebandlcAdds managed tag
2016-10-07 Dmitry Avdeevmerging android studio 2.2
2016-09-30 Tor Norbye220197: Add a search box when choosing a vector materia...
2016-09-30 Tor NorbyeUpdate bundled Material design icons to latest revision...
2016-08-25 estebandlcMoves libraries to their own rule
2016-08-25 estebandlcAdds studio prefix to tools/base modules
2016-08-24 Michal BendowskiUse new, per-directory java_imports
2016-08-03 estebandlcTemporarily moves /tools/idea BUILD to /tools
2016-08-03 estebandlcRegenerate BUILD files
2016-07-29 estebandlcRegenerate BUILD files using exports
2016-07-28 estebandlcRegenerate BUILD file
2016-07-28 Dana DahlstromRenovate asset-studio tests
2016-07-27 estebandlcRegenerate BUILD files
2016-07-27 Dana DahlstromGet //tools/base/asset-studio/... passing
2016-07-21 estebandlcAdds test rules
2016-07-19 estebandlcAdds bazel BUILD files
2016-07-15 Juan C NunoMap vector asset basenames to paths
2016-07-15 Juan C NunoMap vector asset basenames to paths
2016-07-15 Andrii DehtiarovRevert "Map vector asset basenames to paths" due to...
2016-07-13 Juan C NunoMap vector asset basenames to paths
2016-06-23 Romain GuyCreating a new image asset should not produce a black...
2016-06-18 Romain GuyCreating a new image asset should not produce a black...
2016-05-05 David HermanAdd foreground color support to launcher icons
2016-05-05 David HermanAdd foreground color support to launcher icons
2016-05-03 Chris WarringtonMerge "Javadoc strict mode fixes." into studio-master-dev
2016-05-02 Chris WarringtonJavadoc strict mode fixes.
2016-04-29 Jens Ole LauridsenMerge "Add icons for the layout control." into studio...
2016-04-28 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd icons for the layout control.
2016-04-26 Jerome DochezMerge "fixed some incorrect javadocs and turned off...
2016-04-25 Jerome Dochezfixed some incorrect javadocs and turned off strict...
2016-04-14 Dmitry Avdeevmerging AndroidStudio 2.0
2016-04-05 Chris WarringtonMerge "Revert "Revert "Allow Java 8 sources in modules...
2016-04-05 Jens Ole LauridsenAdd Vector Icon constants for Android.
2016-04-05 Chris WarringtonRevert "Revert "Allow Java 8 sources in modules shared...
2016-04-05 Chris WarringtonRevert "Allow Java 8 sources in modules shared with...
2016-04-04 Chris WarringtonAllow Java 8 sources in modules shared with studio.
2016-03-29 Chris WarringtonEditing support for java 8.
2015-12-17 Dmitry Avdeevmerging android studio 1.5
2015-12-03 Teng-Hui ZhuUpdate the material icon library, new icons added.
2015-10-30 Teng-Hui ZhuUpdate file_upload XML file
2015-10-30 Teng-Hui ZhuUpdate new Material icons
2015-10-28 Teng-Hui ZhuSlightly update one XML file to workaround a framework...
2015-10-27 Teng-Hui ZhuSlightly update one XML file to workaround a framework...
2015-10-15 Dmitry Avdeevmerging Android Studio 1.4
2015-08-13 Dmitry Avdeevmerging android studio-1.3-release
2015-08-07 ztenghuiRemove unnecessary header in the XML asset files
2015-08-07 ztenghuiRemove unnessary asset files.
2015-08-04 Tor NorbyeMake asset studio module depend on sdk-common-base
2015-08-03 ztenghuiFix test failure by file duplication
2015-07-29 ztenghuiMove the vector drawble conversion/preview library...
2015-07-27 ztenghuiAllow tweaking size, alpha and auto mirror in the UI.
2015-07-10 ztenghuiFix some SVG parse problems.
2015-07-09 ztenghuiMerge "Skip the dtd parsing to avoid long UI pause...
2015-07-09 ztenghuiMerge "Show the error when there is no viewbox attribut...
2015-07-09 ztenghuiShow the error when there is no viewbox attribute in...
2015-07-09 ztenghuiSkip the dtd parsing to avoid long UI pause
2015-07-08 Michal BendowskiMerge "Package asset-studio as a stand-alone tool....
2015-07-07 ztenghuiSupport better ordering for the VdIcon
2015-07-01 ztenghuiMerge "Support material icons library." into studio...
2015-06-29 Michal BendowskiPackage asset-studio as a stand-alone tool.
2015-06-25 ztenghuiSupport material icons library.
2015-06-24 Xavier DucrohetMore style fixes.
2015-06-23 Xavier Ducrohetfix misc style issues.
2015-06-20 Chris WarringtonEnable more code coverage.
2015-06-09 ztenghuiNew approach for png generation
2015-05-22 ztenghuiAdd error reporting to the Svg file import step.
2015-05-19 Jerome Dochezdisable tests failing on OS X
2015-05-13 Gregory.Shragoimages optimized by icons.gant appcode/142.1772 appcode/142.1773 appcode/142.1777 appcode/142.1780 appcode/142.1794 appcode/142.1797 appcode/142.1799 appcode/142.1801 appcode/142.1807 appcode/142.1810 appcode/142.1813 appcode/142.1814 appcode/142.1817 appcode/142.1825 appcode/142.1828 appcode/142.1834 appcode/142.1839 appcode/142.1842 appcode/142.1849 appcode/142.1860 appcode/142.1864 appcode/142.1867 appcode/142.1880 appcode/142.1887 appcode/142.1894 appcode/142.1902 appcode/142.1906 appcode/142.1920 appcode/142.1929 appcode/142.1931 appcode/142.1936 appcode/142.1944 appcode/142.1947 appcode/142.1951 appcode/142.1960 appcode/142.1963 appcode/142.1966 appcode/142.1967 appcode/142.1974 appcode/142.1978 appcode/142.1984 appcode/142.1989 appcode/142.1994 appcode/142.2000 appcode/142.2008 appcode/142.2011 appcode/142.2013 appcode/142.2025 appcode/142.2031 appcode/142.2034 appcode/142.2041 appcode/142.2050 appcode/142.2055 appcode/142.2058 appcode/142.2061 appcode/142.2063 appcode/142.2070 appcode/142.2077 appcode/142.2084 appcode/142.2087 appcode/142.2090 appcode/142.2098 appcode/142.2104 appcode/142.2110 appcode/142.2116 appcode/142.2121 appcode/142.2129 appcode/142.2137 appcode/142.2151 appcode/142.2168 appcode/142.2172 appcode/142.2181 appcode/142.2194 appcode/142.2204 clion/142.1771 clion/142.1778 clion/142.1779 clion/142.1783 clion/142.1789 clion/142.1795 clion/142.1798 clion/142.1800 clion/142.1815 clion/142.1827 clion/142.1838 clion/142.1840 clion/142.1843 clion/142.1854 clion/142.1857 clion/142.1862 clion/142.1866 clion/142.1874 clion/142.1885 clion/142.1896 clion/142.1901 clion/142.1905 clion/142.1918 clion/142.1930 clion/142.1938 clion/142.1943 clion/142.1946 clion/142.1954 clion/142.1965 clion/142.1968 clion/142.1985 clion/142.1988 clion/142.1995 clion/142.2006 clion/142.2007 clion/142.2010 clion/142.2012 clion/142.2023 clion/142.2030 clion/142.2040 clion/142.2048 clion/142.2054 clion/142.2057 clion/142.2060 clion/142.2068 clion/142.2076 clion/142.2083 clion/142.2088 clion/142.2093 clion/142.2097 clion/142.2101 clion/142.2111 clion/142.2115 clion/142.2122 clion/142.2128 clion/142.2160 clion/142.2164 clion/142.2173 clion/142.2180 clion/142.2191 clion/142.2205 dbe/142.1760 dbe/142.1782 dbe/142.1787 dbe/142.1805 dbe/142.1822 dbe/142.1831 dbe/142.1845 dbe/142.1868 dbe/142.1910 dbe/142.1948 dbe/142.1956 dbe/142.1970 dbe/142.1980 dbe/142.2002 dbe/142.2017 dbe/142.2079 dbe/142.2091 dbe/142.2106 dbe/142.2118 dbe/142.2171 dbe/142.2188 idea/142.1774 idea/142.1776 idea/142.1793 idea/142.1796 idea/142.1802 idea/142.1826 idea/142.1837 idea/142.1855 idea/142.1863 idea/142.1881 idea/142.1883 idea/142.1907 idea/142.1914 idea/142.1927 idea/142.1945 idea/142.1952 idea/142.1953 idea/142.1972 idea/142.1982 idea/142.2005 idea/142.2009 idea/142.2019 idea/142.2053 idea/142.2080 idea/142.2092 idea/142.2114 idea/142.2119 idea/142.2157 idea/142.2175 idea/142.2203 phpstorm/142.1919 phpstorm/142.1922 phpstorm/142.2142 pycharm/142.1763 pycharm/142.1768 pycharm/142.1784 pycharm/142.1820 pycharm/142.1835 pycharm/142.1850 pycharm/142.1877 pycharm/142.1908 pycharm/142.1915 pycharm/142.1949 pycharm/142.1961 pycharm/142.1975 pycharm/142.1983 pycharm/142.2003 pycharm/142.2020 pycharm/142.2049 pycharm/142.2069 pycharm/142.2094 rubymine/142.1759 rubymine/142.1775 rubymine/142.1786 rubymine/142.1804 rubymine/142.1829 rubymine/142.1844 rubymine/142.1882 rubymine/142.1909 rubymine/142.1912 rubymine/142.1950 rubymine/142.1955 rubymine/142.1969 rubymine/142.1987 rubymine/142.1998 rubymine/142.2021 rubymine/142.2047 rubymine/142.2067 rubymine/142.2095 rubymine/142.2108 rubymine/142.2120 rubymine/142.2133 rubymine/142.2162 rubymine/142.2189 rubymine/142.2199 webstorm/142.1761 webstorm/142.1785 webstorm/142.1806 webstorm/142.1821 webstorm/142.1830 webstorm/142.1846 webstorm/142.1872 webstorm/142.1893 webstorm/142.1911 webstorm/142.1935 webstorm/142.1957 webstorm/142.1971 webstorm/142.1981 webstorm/142.1990 webstorm/142.2001 webstorm/142.2018 webstorm/142.2042 webstorm/142.2064 webstorm/142.2089 webstorm/142.2105 webstorm/142.2117 webstorm/142.2130 webstorm/142.2161 webstorm/142.2184
2015-05-07 ztenghuiSetup initial Vector Asset generation UI and conversion...
2015-04-17 Chris WarringtonRemove unnecessary Java modifiers.
2015-04-02 Deepanshu GuptaSplit layoutlib-api project in base and idea.